17+ Androids Assault the iPhone

Coming Soon: Motorola Sholes

The Motorola Sholes is a high-end device, likely aimed at professionals. It will also be one of Verizon Wireless’ first Android phones, hopefully launching before the end of the year. Since it is from Motorola, the smart phone will likely sport the MOTOBLUR interface, and it should have a leg up on the iPhone in just about every regard. For starters, the Verizon network should provide a much stronger, less saturated backbone for the Sholes. Then there is the 3.7" capacitive touch screen with a 480x854 resolution, as well as a full slide-out QWERTY keypad. Similar to the iPhone 3G, the smart phone has a 600 MHz ARM processor and 256 MB of RAM. It only has 512 MB of internal storage, which can be expanded with a microSD card. Its 5 MP camera is also a bit of an advantage over the iPhone’s camera. Perhaps, most importantly, is the price point. With a two-year contract, the Sholes will go for the same price as the iPhone for $199.

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  • sniker
    the Huawei U8220 is sold as the T-mobile pulse in several coutnries in europe for some time now.

    its basically the same as U8230. wich is sold in several different countries. (custom roms for the pulse based on U8230 rom are available to get rid of the t-mobile branding and stuff from the pulse.)

    i do believe there is a pulse 2 or pulse mini announced but i dont have the excact details