Adobe working on 64-bit Photoshop for Vista

San Jose (CA) - Adobe Photoshop CS4 has been in the works for a while, and the software maker today announced that it will also bring forth for the first time a 64-bit version of the photo editing program, reports Macworld.

At least initially, the high-end product will only be available for Vista owners because the programming language it’s using, Carbon, is not perfectly compatible with Mac computers.

Adobe did not say either way whether it will eventually bring a 64-bit version to Mac later on.

According to Adobe, overall performance is increased by around 10% over the 32-bit version, and the time it takes to open a file or perform intensive editing procedures will be drastically cut.

Obviously it would take a toll on the computer, though. Users would need to have 4 GB of RAM to devote exclusively to Photoshop CS4.

Adobe has given no indication on when CS4 will be available at retail.

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  • Anonymous
    The line about Carbon is very odd.

    Carbon is the API that Photoshop runs under on the Mac. Apple told developers to stop using it in 2001... Adobe carried on developing Photoshop on Carbon because they did not have the resources to migrate to Cocoa.

    When Apple announced recently that there will be no 64 bit version of Carbon, Adobe blamed Apple - despite the fact that they should have moved to Cocoa a long time ago. This is a repeat of the Intel changeover - Adobe had huge amounts of notice of the impending change but still left Mac owners waiting a year for Intel native versions of CS3.