Dell Intros New XPS Laptops; Kills Off Adamo Line

It's been a while since we've seen any new XPS laptops but Dell has mixed things up a little with the launch of three new notebooks. Not only that, but the company is killing off the Adamo line and focusing on just three brands: Alienware, Inspiron and XPS.

First things first, let's talk about these new laptops, shall we? Dell is targeting the multimedia crowd and families with these new machines. Available in 14-, 15.6- and 17-inch flavors, each of the notebooks packs Intel's Core i5 460M CPU, as well as 1GB NVIDIA 420M graphics (with Optimus and 3D Play) a 500GB (7200rpm) HDD, 4GB or RAM, Intel WiDi, Blu-ray, and a Skype-certified HD webcam. Starting prices for these guys are $899 for the XPS 14; $849 for the XPS 15; and $949 for the XPS 17. Of course, customization (like swapping out that Core i5 for an i7) is going to cost you.

The news comes just as Dell has decided to do away with its Adamo line. Dell is about to embark on multi-million dollar marketing campaign (Reuters reports "hundreds of millions" but who's counting?) to shed its reputation of being a manufacturer of cheaper computers. The company is hoping to further emphasize its premium line in a bid to better compete with the likes of Apple, a company that is definitely not afraid of putting high prices on its products.

"We're going to stop mentioning price as the single important aspect," Paul-Henri Ferrand, chief marketing officer for Dell's global consumer, and small and medium business division, told Reuters.

However, a monster marketing campaign isn't the only thing Dell is doing. Executives yesterday confirmed to Engadget that they're reorganizing things and will focus on three core brands going forward. The Inspiron line will represent casual computing, Alienware will be the gaming line, and the XPS brand will represent the new premium line of Dell computers.

Now, if you're a fan of those super-thin Adamos (and boys, those were some sexy computers) don’t fret. Though their brand is being killed off, they're not disappearing for good. Dell VP Ed Boyd told Engadget that we could expect some super-skinny XPS machines early next year. Fingers crossed for a sneaky-peeky at CES, eh?

Source: Dell, Reuters, Engadget

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  • Silmarunya
    The good news is that their naming schedule finally makes some sense (Inspiron for lower end, XPS for media/light gaming/desktop replacement and Alienware for gaming).

    The bad news is that Inspiron laptops are of a low quality, XPS machines are nice all round but fail to really stand out from the crowd and Alienware laptops are overpriced and ridiculously weak (not to mention no serious gamer would game on a laptop).