Acer Teases Laptop With Odd Screen Hinge in a Star Trek Clip

Many different manufacturers are playing with methods to turn laptops into tablets by physically flipping the screen around. So far, we've seen some interesting designs from Dell, Lenovo, and particularly Asus, which had decided to make a notebook with two screens back to back.

Acer on the other hand, has figured out yet another way of flipping the screen around, and this one is quite intriguing. In partnership with its promotional partner, Acer has released a video teasing the laptop which shows the screen hinge in action, almost comparing it to the Starship USS Enterprise.

By having the screen lift up well beyond the heights of any normal laptop, the unit almost appears to be a small, portable, foldable all-in-one. While the video doesn't clearly show the laptop transforming into a tablet, based on the positioning of the hinge, it looks like that is the aim.

So while we're waiting for more information about the unit, enjoy the teaser below.

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