MSI Leaks the AMD A8-6500T and A10-6700T Richland APUs

A recent CPU compatibility list from MSI seems to have inadvertently revealed two additional “Richland” APUs, the A8-6500T and A10-6700T, which both feature quad-cores and will presumably have a low TDP as indicated by the “T” suffix.




Base Clock

2.1 GHz

2.5 GHz

Boot Clock



L2 Cache

4 MB

4 MB

GPU Core Model

Radeon HD 8650D

Radeon HD 8650D

GPU Clock

720 MHz

720 MHz

GPU Stream Processors



As with all formally unannounced products, all the information above should be taken with a grain of salt. It is currently unknown as to whether these new APUs will see a retail release and what the respective price points will be.

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  • zooted
    They have the "same" gpu (8650D) but have a different amount of sp's?
  • acktionhank
    341979 said:
    They have the "same" gpu (8650D) but have a different amount of sp's?

    No they have the same about of sp's.

    Both the 6800k and 6700 had 384. But they were both clocked at 844Mhz instead of 720.
  • silverblue
    Misprint. The A8-6500T is supposed to have an 8550D and not the 8650D as printed above.

    The 6700T is looking eerily familiar... A10-5750M, anyone?