UPDATE: AMD Drops Price of Bulldozer Based FX-4130 CPU

UPDATE: Upon further investigation, we contacted AMD, and it turns out that a typo in an ordering part number led the media to believe that the FX-4130 is a Piledriver-based CPU that was going to come out this week. This is not correct. Any source indicating that this is a Vishera part based on the Piledriver architecture is mistaken.

The FX-4130 came out in August 2012, and still is a Zambezi based part on the Bulldozer architecture. The real news was that the FX-4130 has dropped in price. The MSRP is now updated to $101, the old price of the FX-4100. The FX-4130 now gives users a step up in performance, but not in price over the older FX-4100.

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  • Wisecracker
    Would not a Piledriver-based CPU be an FX4330 ??
  • anxiousinfusion
    The 41XX would imply that this is a bulldozer arch chip. People are going to be confused.