Official Details on 28nm Radeon HD 7000 Coming Dec. 5

Based on information published by NordicHardware, AMD is set to officially announce details on its upcoming Radeon HD 7000 series graphic cards in London on Monday, December 5th. The Radeon HD 7000 series GPUs will be based on the 28 nanometer fabrication process, as mentioned in early October.

The cards will utilize a new GCN architecture, which is expected to be its biggest advancement in GPU architecture since Radeon HD 2000 series. Some of the questions on users' minds are: will the first release be the mobile or desktop version, and will it utilize PCI-Express Gen 3 and will it feature Rambus' XDR2 DRAM memory instead of GDDR5?

All these questions and more will (hopefully) be answered by AMD in a little less than a week in London, when the first official information will be released. Stay tuned as more details trickle out.

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    Interesting.. Although am NVidia fan can't wait for this to come to light. Maybe NVidia will unveil something too.. Benchmarks - we are waiting for you! :)
  • aje21
    Just hope it's not another bulldozer. Different but not much better.
  • blubbey
    Hopefully they're pretty damn fast. Isn't Kepler supposed to be 2-4x the performance per watt than Fermi? So that could be 2x the power while using half the power or 50% faster while using 2/3rds the power, something like that. Regardless, hopefully competition means great value.