The Stilt Improves SuperPI Performance on AMD Systems

It is widely known that AMD-based systems aren't particularly performing well with SuperPI performance. This was previously blamed on the architecture, though it now appears that this was simply a BIOS development limitation on AMD platforms.

Finnish overclocker the Stilt has managed to solve these optimization issues by using BIOS developers' guides, and increasing SuperPI performance. The result is a simple patch that can be run on both 32-bit and 64-bit installations of Windows.

The previous time record for a 32M SuperPI run on an AMD Richland chip was 18:15 -- the AMD A10-6800K managed to pull it off within 17:34 using the patch. While not a big difference in time, do consider that the A10-6800K APU was running at just 4.1 GHz as opposed to 5.0 GHz, and they have the same architecture.

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  • KelvinTy
    IMO, 41s is quite a lot... even without the frequency difference...
    By the way, do you really need liquid nitrogen for the A10-6800K to be running at 4.1GHz?
  • cscott_it
    Well - that has to do with the particular instruction set. However, didn't enabling that instruction set cause other benchmarks to also drop?
  • sarinaide
    The Stilt is becoming a legend, on a 1mb run I get around 3-4s improvement, big deal for any overclocker.