AMD Showcases Kaveri APU Performance at Computex 2013

AMD is demonstrating its fourth generation of APUs -- the Kaveri APUs -- at Computex 2013. The Kaveri APUs would be the first APUs to feature AMD's upcoming steamroller cores. The chips will be baked on a lithography of 28 nm, and the Steamroller cores would feature a 15 to 20 percent improvement in IPC (Instructions per Cycle).

The biggest new feature that we can expect to see in the new Kaveri APUs is the HUMA memory architecture that was announced earlier. 

The demonstration of the Kaveri APU's performance is shown in a video below, with use of what appears to be Ruby: Project Phoenix.

For more on AMD's future plans, check out our coverage of the press conference at Computex 2013.

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  • doive1231
    "Motion blur" and "real-time reflections" appear on the slide at the end twice.
  • S0larflare
    I like the irony that your comment appeared twice, doive1231 lol