AMD: We're Launching an Atom Killer in 2010

Digitimes this week reports that AMD CEO, Dirk Meyer has revealed the company is currently developing a platform that features lower-power, smaller-sizes, more complete functionality, and a cheaper price than Intel's Atom for netbooks, with an expected delivery date for samples set for 2010.

Nvidia last week announced a list of 20 ‘Ion Partners’ who would be debuting products running on the chip at Computex. With Tegra taking care of MIDs for Nvidia and Intel’s plans to bring the Atom to handheld devices, we can’t help but feel AMD is a tad behind the times with this one. That said, according to Digitimes, Meyer emphasized that products based on the company's newest platform will be notebooks as opposed to netbooks. Meyer says he believes the term "netbook" will soon become obsolete as the quality of ultra portable, low-end computers improve.

At Computex, Intel was all about mobility and Atom products, particularly in NAS products and home theater products. It will be interesting to see what Intel has on hand for the 2010 year.

Check out the full story here.

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  • rtfm
    Yes, I too believe that in 2010 AMD will release an Atom killer. Problem is bythat time Intel willhave something much better than Atom out. With Amd playing catchup all the time, Intel can afford to be slack with r&d and we (consumers) all suffer :-(
  • Clintonio
    @rtfm: I do honestly remember people saying the same when AMD was the leader too.

    Though, I wish people would stop arguing over the term netbook, it may have been coined to mean a small computer designed for mostly online activities, but, in reality it just means "really small notebook". I mean, what computers AREN'T mostly for internet access now? I know I spend 90% of my computer in my browser, and this is an enthusiast self-built PC with enough graphics and CPU power to render Crysis on high/very high.
  • 3p0cHx
    I am looking forward to AMD's offerings. NVidia's new unreleased chipset for the Atom is looking promising as well, but if AMD could use NVidia's chipset that might be awesome. I doubt that will happen though because you know AMD's atom killer will be a combination AMD/ATI PC. The Atom just doesn't cut the mustard for an enthusiast like myself. Although I might not be the norm, I would want my netbook to support wireless N, Windows7, high video settings and loooong battery life. Something that's small enough to use on the couch, strong, light, and small enough to throw around a little.

    When I think of netbook I think of a machine with a solid state hard drive, no media drive (CD/DVD) and a screen smaller than 15". I wouldn't consider a Toshiba R500 a netbook because it's got a regular hard drive and a 15" screen. But I also wouldn't consider the Nokia N net devices a netbook either.