AMD 1090FX, 1070 Chipset Info Leaked; Missing PCIe 3.0

The 1090FX will be the top tier 10-series chipset, replacing the 990FX. The 1090FX northbridge will support two PCI-Express X16 links and up to four graphics cards. The 1070 provides one PCI-Express link for two graphics cards. The "Chipset Competitive Landscape" slide shows the new 10-series set to go against Intel's new Ivy Bridge chipset. AMD breaks down what it sees as advantages (more SATA connectivity and 2X16 XF) and disadvantages (PCIE 3.0 and SRT) against the Ivy Bridge. The 10-series chipset will be compatible with current processors, which adds to AM3+'s longevity. 

The 10-series chipset most surprisingly will not support PCI-Express 3.0. This is a disappointment to this writer, with Intel already gearing up PCI-Express 3.0 support for the Ivy Bridge release. What is still to be seen is how will this affect AMD's Radeon HD 7000 series graphics cards supporting PCI-Express 3.0. This question should be answered by in the end of the year, as the Radeon HD 7000 expected to release around the holidays.  

The new SB1060 southbridge does provide an improvement over current gen motherboards. The SB1060 will support an eight SATA 6 Gb/s RAID controller, all ports running at 6 Gb/s. This outpaces Intel's 7-series in terms of SATA 6 Gb/s ports. The SB1060 will offer for the first time a native USB 3.0 SuperSpeed controller. Currently, 990FX & 970 don't natively support USB 3.0 but is offered through a third-party controller. 

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  • TaLLBaGeL
    I don't get it. They have cards coming out with PCIe 3.0 but this doesn't support it.

    Good job saving the day once again AMD!
  • Dandalf
    Remember this is "leaked" it isn't official.... things could change in the announcement.
  • Toxxyc
    Bah! First they miss their target with Bulldozer and now they fail to deliver to the gaming industry once again? AMD is done, in my eyes.