The 990FX Chipset Arrives: AMD And SLI Rise Again

Benchmark Results: Lost Planet 2 (DX11)

In contrast to Metro, Lost Planet 2 (also a DirectX 11-enabled title) is much more sensitive to platform performance.

We’d expect any performance difference to be most pronounced at 1680x1050, and it is. With AA on or off, there’s a pretty noticeable delta that favours Intel’s Z68-based configuration.  

At 1920x1080, there’s still a pretty wide margin between Intel’s Core i5 and AMD’s fastest Phenom II. That gap narrows a bit once anti-aliasing is applied, though, and more of the emphasis is placed on graphics performance.

By the time we hit 2560x1600, both builds perform comparably. From there, it’d take a more powerful graphics setup to help alleviate the clear bottleneck: our GTX 570s in SLI.

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  • Jay_83
    Disappointing. Kinda like preloading a Steam game before launch- you get stuff you that's not much good for anything until the real show hits the road.
    Here's hoping (against hope?) Bulldozer exceeds expectations. A bit of a price and performance war would do Intel some good.
  • uksnapper
    I was hoping for 6 memory slots so I guess I will have to wait for more M/Bs to come on stream
  • codefuapprentice
    I'll be interested to see what the bulldozer is capable of when its completed.
    I'm not rushing out to buy a new machine any time soon as i'm still enjoying using my PII 955BE machine (790GX based)
  • Anonymous
    Asus are releasing BIOS updates to support AM3+ chips in some of their AM3 motherboards (like my M4A89GTD PRO) - would be interested in a comparison of this with a 'proper' AM3+ motherboard (with SB950, I think), once the Zambezi chips come out.