High-Density DDR3: Five Dual-Module 8GB Kits Compared

Mushkin Blackline DDR3-1600 CAS 9

The second company in today’s comparison to provide DDR3-1600 modules, Mushkin is quickly overtaking G.Skill in variety by also offering both triple-channel and reduced-latency versions of its 8GB Blackline 996776 dual-channel kit.

Mushkin’s parts require 1.65V for guaranteed stability at rated speeds and timings, although we were able to achieve these qualities using far less. Voltage increase isn’t available in SPD, so Mushkin adds an automatic-overclocking XMP profile.

Users who won’t or can’t adjust BIOS settings will find their Blackline 996776 kit defaults at the same DDR3-1333 CAS 9 settings as most of the other products in today’s lineup.

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  • psiboy
    Lets not forget 64 bit too eh Rab1d-BDGR ?
  • staalkoppie
    what are the timings they refer to... Can someone please explain what the are and how to interpret them?
  • waxdart
    I've got 2gb 4-4-4-12 DDR2 800 (PC2 6400).
    Say I've got a mother board that holds ddr2/3 - Would I see much of a change in frame rate if all the other parts stayed the same?
  • Anonymous
    There is no real difference in speed with memory. This just increases performance for larger applications. You will see maybe a change of 1 or 2 fps in games. Is it really worth it? You must remember that the speed of the memory means that it accesses faster. But if the memory isn't always accessed, then it will make little real difference.
  • staalkoppie

    Thank you so much....really appreciated
  • gemmakaru
    Rab1d-BDGRA little footnote to anyone with triple-channel DDR mobos - if you are thinking of putting three of these kits into your machine for a whopping 24GB of RAM then make sure you are using Windows 7 pro/ent/ult - "Home premium" is limited to 16GB of RAM....If you're rich and/or crazy enough to spend that much on RAM then I'm sure the more expensive OS is small change. :-/

    Or Linux.
  • trooth
    Look at this loser company Patriot trying to attain credibility and status by charging more for their crappy produce.
  • mi1ez
    reported. for all the good it seems to be doing!