Wireless Networking: Nine 802.11n Routers Rounded Up

Benchmark Results: 1GB Transfer, Single File

We went into these tests not expecting much from the N150 units, and we ultimately learned to accept the weakness of Netgear’s adapter being the root of its poor showing here. Honestly, though, we expected better from D-Link. Getting spanked by the Belkin N150 is kind of embarrassing. TRENDnet’s TEW-654TR has the excuse of being a low-power travel router with no external antennas. Belkin’s N1 Vision also gets off to a rocky start here, although that 66 Mb/s location 1 result is as freakish as it is encouraging. In any case, this does not give us a lot of faith in routers with pretty LCD displays.

The interesting unit to watch here is Asus’s N13U. With a sub-$60 price, the nondescript router manages to keep pace with its more expensive N16 brother. This may turn out to be the best performance bargain of the roundup.

As an aside, we know that some people aren’t aware of the overhead impact multiple small files can have versus transferring a single file. Compare the two here and you’ll see a small but noticeable difference. If a 10% performance hit matters to what you do, consider making close friends with a decent compression program and bundle all of those loose files into one big .ZIP or .RAR.

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  • Dandalf
    I'd buy the Linksys if it didn't have a bloody spoiler on it. Chavviest router I ever saw.
  • madskillz12_1
    £20 cashback on the Linksys until 30/4/10 as well. You'd be mad not to.
  • daglesj
    Belkin routers are a joke. I bought a low end one as a spare. It couldnt get a speed of higher than 2Mbps. Any other router would get 6Mbps+. After several attempts of getting a sane response from Belkin India, one of their techs finally admitted that model has an issue with the Firewall. Switch it off and speed goes back up. He said a firmware update would sort it. Nearly a year later...yup no firmware. A couple of my customers have the new Belkin N spec routers. Really bad.
  • chronicbint
    Surprising, I am on my second Belkin N router and they have all worked perfectly well.
  • hairystuff
    I've realised with Belkin routers they sometimes have multiple revisions of the same product code/model number, some of the revision work really well and others are pure trash, I've noticed this with D-Link aswell but generally the differences are marginally acceptable.
  • gagaga
    I'm not normally a fan of Apple gear, but I can get 14MB/s (equal to 112Mb/s) from my airport extreme (the older 2 aerial one) on big files.

    Guessing the laptop (Vaio TZ) has a big influence - that has three separate aerials and the top-end Intel card, and the fact mine is the only 5GHz network in the area...
  • Accurim
    What did you use with the WRT610N? I'd be interested in getting it based on the benchmarks but I'd have to get the same client adaptor also.

    I believe you did your testing with a laptop also, if I were to get a desktop adaptor would this be fine: