802.11n Wi-Fi Still Not A Real Standard, Yet

While many consumers have used 802.11n wireless routers for around two years now, it was assumed that the 802.11n standard was finalized before now. However, that's not the case as verified by Bob Heile, the chairman of the IEEE 802.15 working group on Personal Area Networks. In a recent email, Heile confirmed that the IEEE 802.11n draft standard was finally submitted to the Standards Review Committee (RevCom).

"On other fronts, 802.11 was granted unconditional approval to forward 11n to RevCom," Heile wrote. "After a bit of a rocky period on getting acceptable coexistence language included in the draft, I was pleased to support this approval. Congratulations to Bruce for his patience and perseverance in getting this done. This was an extremely complex project."

According to PC Magazine, the road to this point has been a long one for the 802.11n standard, its evolution dating back to 2004. An early draft version was approved in January 2006 (1.0) that would eventually kick-start the first wave of routers implementing the draft-n standard. But when the draft 802.11n standard failed to pass in May 2006, the Wi-Fi Alliance eventually agreed to certify the draft-n--or rather pre-N, based on Draft 2.0--products in June 2007.

However, based on Heile's recent email, the 802.11n struggle is expected to come to a full close by September 11 instead of the predicted January 2010 publication date.

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  • back_by_demand
    Does it really matter if it's not an 'authorised by God' standard? If I have a pre-N router under the stairs and a PC in the attic with a pre-N PCI card and they speak with each other, is it going to bust my balls if they decide to ratify a differant standard? No.

    Worst case is if my router fails and I have to get a new one I would have to replace the card as well. I can pick one up from assorted online vendors for about £20, I have spent that much on a pizza before now.

    None. Story.