Benchmarking AMD's 768-Shader Pitcairn: Not For Public Consumption

Benchmark Results: Mafia II, GTA IV, And Batman Arkham City

Mafia II (DirectX 9)

Despite the progress we saw in Crysis 2, it looks like AMD still has some driver optimizations to tackle in a few older DX 9 titles. In the end, this has little impact on actual playability at our test settings, with the mystery chip turning in smooth frame rates. We would have expected some of the GCN-based cards to turn in higher numbers, based on the previous results, though.

GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City (DirectX 9)

As in Mafia II, the Radeons finish just behind their GeForce counterparts, albeit by a slim margin. On the whole, all of these results are pretty good for a halfheartedly-ported console game.

Batman: Arkham City

Since the Radeon HD 7850 turns in unusually low numbers here, it’s only natural that its pared-back little sibling falls behind as well, placing behind the Radeon HD 6870 for the first time in this story. Still, the frame rates are still easily sufficient for smooth game play, although we wouldn’t mind seeing a few more driver tweaks for this title that seems to prefer Nvidia cards at the moment.