750MHz Pentium III due Jan. 10

Reporters at The Register claim that internal Intel documents give a Jan. 10 launch date for the 750MHz Coppermine Pentium III.

Furthermore, the documents call for release of the 800MHz Pentium III Coppermine processor toward the end of the first quarter.

The 800MHz rollout will include a number of different packages for the chip, including a Slot 1 design and a flip chip PGA design, with bus speeds of both 100MHz and 133MHz.

The 750MHz version also will appear in both flip chip socket 370 and Slot 1 versions. At the same time, Intel will introduce a 700MHz flip chip Pentium III, as well as 667MHz and a 650MHz Pentium IIIs, according to the story, which appears at www.theregister.co.uk .

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