New JVC 46-inch 3D Monitor Costs $7,000

JVC is set to showcase its new 46-inch 3D monitor next week at the NAB show, however the device isn't necessarily geared towards the mainstream consumer... especially at their wallets.

Earlier today, Victor-JVC of Japan said that its upcoming 46-inch HD LCD monitor will be able to display 3D in 1080p, however the GD-463D10 is geared more for medical institutions, research facilities and other businesses that require 3D imagery, and not necessarily meant for 3D movies. Unfortunately, viewers will not be able to use the passive 3D functions without the need for special glasses, and the GD-463D10 only comes with two pairs. Hopefully, everyone in the meeting or presentation will share.

Specifically, the GD-463D10 uses Arisawa's Xpol Stereoscopic 3D technology, an optical device based on regularly arranged micro-polarizers. With the technology bonded to the LCD display, users can view the flicker-free 3D stereoscopic content by wearing polarized glasses. The technology sounds similar to the 3D method of using polarized glasses with a dual projector system, with one projector casting the image using one filter and the second casting the image with a different filter; the polarized glasses contain both filters, thus the brain perceives the two light variants as a combined three-dimensional image. That's not the case here, as Arisawa's system only uses one "projector."

Unfortunately, Arisawa didn't really go into a thorough explanation of Xpol. However, it's quite possible that there are two light filters still in play, with each micro-polarizer projecting one filtered portion of the image, and the identical polarized lens picking up on the projection as before. The overall image is still broken into two, with one horizontal scan line displaying one line of the image (1), and the next scanned line below displaying a line of the offset image (2); the pattern repeats (1,2) throughout the entire screen. As a result, the 3D effect is the result of a line by line distortion, and not an image on image compilation.

While the GD-463D10 will come with two pairs of glasses, the HD LCD TV will also offer three HDMI ports and a contrast ratio of 2,000:1 (10,000:1 in dynamic mode). The GD-463D10 is also 39mm thick. Other features include 1080/24, 50p, 60p, 50i, and 60i support, and 10W x 2 channel speakers. Although the GD-463D10 is scheduled to ship in Japan sometime this July, Victor-JVC plans to display the new 3D monitor next week at the NAB Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada (April 18-23, 2009). Currently the GD-463D10 is priced around $7,000 USD. Ouch.

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    Did anyone proof read this?

    Did anyone proof read this?