Giant 3D Printer Builds Homes in 20 Hours

Over the past couple of years 3D printing has become more and more impressive, capable of quickly and efficiently creating a large range of objects. But one professor from the University of Southern California has dared to dream even bigger, developing a 3D printing system that could effectively print an entire home in less than a full day.

TEDxOjai - Behrokh Khoshnevis - Contour Crafting: Automated Construction

Called Contour Crafting, the process involves utilizing a gigantic 3D printer that is placed overhead an empty lot where the home will be built. The machine builds walls with multiple layers of concrete, adding plumbing and electrical wiring as it goes and eventually leaves a complete home that only needs doors and windows to complete.

If that wasn't impressive enough, the system can also robotically paint walls or add tiles to the floors. Although Contour Crafting was created with the thought of easy to build, low cost housing in mind, the process can be modified to create luxurious homes or larger buildings. For more information on the project, head on over to the Contour Crafting webpage.

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  • Anonymous
    yeah, just what we need... more things to displace actual human workers. although most of the ones in construction are probably illegal immigrants anyway. and, putting together houses even quicker is definitely important, because there's not enough empty, foreclosed houses sitting around.
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