AMD Plans 32nm CPUs for Q4 2009

Globalfoundries said that it plans to take on 32nm orders by third party customers in Q4 2009.

Globalfoundries, AMD's manufacturing spinoff, is taking the "downsizing" to the next level by obtaining bulk 32nm process technology this year, and plans to take third-party orders by Q4 2009/Q1 2010. If the company can get the ball rolling, the 32nm processing will make it extremely competitive against other large contract makers including United Microelectronics and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (currently working on manufacturing 32nm processing as well).

“Globalfoundries is entering the foundry market at the right time and with the right business model to change the landscape of the industry. More importantly, we’re entering the industry with the right mindset and resources. Our investments in leading edge technology and in supporting infrastructure will ensure the success of our customers,” said vice president of sales and marketing Jim Kupec. [PC Watch, via X-bit]

The company said that it wants to beef up overall output. For now, Globalfoundries has Fab 1 manufacturing capabilities--AMD's Fab 36 and Fab 38 leftovers--using 45nm processing, spitting out a total monthly output of 25 thousand 300mm wafers between the plants located in Germany and Dresden. However, the company plans to bring a new Fab 2 foundry online--located in New York--that will generate up to 35 thousand wafers a month by 2012.

Last year, IBM successfully produced the first experimental SRAM chips using 32nm process technology. Globalfoundries and other IMB partners are expected to produce the 32nm chips by Q1 2010. Hopefully, Globalfoundries will get everything into place to produce 32nm chips before competitor Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing gets its 32nm chips out the door fist.

“Despite the current economic climate, this is an industry with tremendous opportunities for long-term growth and innovation,” said Waleed Al Mokarrab, Chairman, ATIC. “Through its global footprint, world-class technology know-how and access to state-of-the-art research and development, we believe Globalfoundries is well-positioned to challenge for market leadership in this competitive industry."

AMD said that it will continue to play a critical role in Globalfoundries’ future success as its shareholder and also as its first and largest customer.

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  • wild9
    Looks like the benefits of not having all one's eggs in one basket, are starting to pay off. A pyrrhic victory for the main competitor in the desktop sector (Intel), perhaps especially considering the resources it put into producing general-purpose technology that isn't going to be around that long.