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Lian Li - PC-6089A

The Lian Li continues to be one of the most quality offerings in the computer case market today. Although Lian Li is the victim of a lot of imitators, it still seems that no one can make a case like Lian Li.

What can we possibly write about Lian Li that has not been written already? Lian Li almost single-handedly wrote the book on aluminum PC cases. We saw them at a booth in a show when they were first getting started. We can remember thinking how high quality their cases were and how unique the designs were for the time. What really surprised us back then were the hefty price tags.

One major knock against Lian Li has always been the cost of their products. No one ever has a problem with the quality or construction of the cases, but the price, which tends to be almost in the $200 range, is too high for many users. Still, Lian Li has become one of the most popular choices for the high-end enthusiast. This is because they offer exceptional design and quality that is a cut above what other companies offer. However, this quality and design does come at a cost.

Number Of Internal 3-½ Bays 5
Number Of External 3-½ Bays 3
Number Of External 5-¼ Bays 4
Number Of Case Fans Supported 4
Construction Material Aluminum
Power Supply Included No
Special Features Blue LED lighting, side panel window, front mounted USB 2.0 ports, acrylic tinted front door
Size 210mm x 450mm x 490mm
Sample Case Provided By www.lianli.com
Estimated Cost $199 US
Construction Quality Rating 10
Overall Case Rating 9

Quality is the LianLi trademark, and they don't let up with the features that are included with the PC-6089A.
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