10 DVD Burners: 16x and Dual-Layer - or Nothing!

Pioneer DVR-A08XLA (DVR-108)

The Pioneer DVR-A08XLA burner, also known as the DVR-108, was the first to offer 16x speed for the DVD-R and DVD+R formats, and dual-layer burning at 4x. We simply updated the firmware to run our tests at 16x. Protection includes Buffer Underrun Protection to avoid problems in the event of an empty buffer.

Main characteristics:

Reading CD: 40x DVD: 16x Writing CD-R: 32x CD-RW: 24x DVD-R: 16x DVD+R: 16x DVD-RW: 4x DVD+RW: 4x DVD+R DL: 4x Buffer: 2 MB Firmware: 1.14

The burner's compatibilities and specifications according to DVD Info and Nero Info Tools:

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