10 DVD Burners: 16x and Dual-Layer - or Nothing!

Configuration And Test Procedure

Here are the different phases in our complete test procedure:

Reading CD Transfer rate Access time Audio extraction DVD Transfer rate, single layer Video extraction Writing CD CD-R CD-RW DVD DVD-R / DVD+R / DVD+R DL DVD-RW / DVD+RW

The media used were DVD+/-R 8x/16xs and DVD+/-RWs made by HP, Imation, Traxdata, TDK, Memorex, and Verbatim. The results obtained for each medium can be found on the second-to-last page of this article.

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  • sasquatch451
    Please report noise levels in optical drive reviews. This is a big factor in which drive to buy for some people. My current DVD burner sounds like a jet engine for 5 minutes after putting a disc in.
  • Ubrales
    Very informative article. Now I have a better understanding of Dual Layer DVDs