MSI R9 290 Series Gaming 4G Graphics Cards Available Now

MSI is among the first, not to reveal, but to bring a custom Radeon R9 290 series graphics card to the market. The MSI R9 290 GAMING 4G and R9 290X GAMING 4G are now both available in stores.

The graphics cards feature MSI's TwinFrozr IV cooler, as well as a custom PCB design that carries the company's Military Class 4 Components. These components offer a longer lifetime and more stable performance.

The MSI R9 290 GAMING 4G card will feature clock speeds of 1007 MHz under OC mode, 977 MHz in gaming mode, and 947 MHz (reference frequency) in silent mode. The memory will always be clocked at 5.0 GHz.

In addition, the MSI R9 290X GAMING 4G will feature an OC mode clock speed of 1040 MHz, a gaming mode frequency of 1030 MHz, and a silent mode frequency of 1000 MHz, which is also the AMD reference frequency. Like the R9 290 GAMING 4G, the memory will be clocked at 5.0 GHz under all circumstances unless manually overclocked.

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  • azzazel_99
  • rad666
    But can it, unlike the reference models, SUSTAIN those numbers?
  • derekullo
    Extreme Heat is too cool.
    We're gonna have to go right to ludicrous heat.