Apexgaming AG-850M PSU Review

Solytech has been in the PSU business for a long time, manufacturing mostly low-end and mid-range models that typically get relabeled and sold under other brands. Apexgaming's AG-850M is the first Solytech-made power supply to make its way through our lab though, so we're eager to see what it can do.

So far, Apexgaming's AG line consists of six members ranging from 650W to 850W. Three sport fully modular cabling (the AG-M series), while the rest employ a semi-modular configuration (AG). All Apexgaming PSUs sport a 10-year warranty, demonstrating Solytech's faith in its platform. But as we've mentioned previously, we're not necessarily fans of such long guarantees because they open the door to other issues, particularly with cryptocurrency mining being as popular as it is.

Again, Apexgaming's flagship AG-850M is our subject today. Besides 850W of capacity, it employs a single +12V rail and is 80 PLUS Gold-certified. On the Cybenetics scale, it achieves ETA-A- efficiency, but fails to earn a badge for acoustics since it outputs more than 45 dB(A). Frankly, it's weird to encounter such a noisy 850W PSU. This is a major weakness that'll no doubt affect sales. Apparently, the fan profile is badly tuned. In combination with a powerful fan, we end up suffering through loud operation in every situation.


The sleeve bearing fan is unnecessarily potent for an 850W power supply with 80 PLUS Gold efficiency. However, given Apexgaming's long warranty and the secondary side's capacitors, an aggressive fan profile is probably a good idea. 

According to Apexgaming's claims, the AG-850M includes all necessary protection features and is rated for full, continuous output at 50°C. On paper, if this PSU's noise wasn't so bad it'd stand a good chance of competing against compelling alternatives like Corsair's RM850x, Seasonic's Focus Plus Gold 850, and EVGA's 850 G3.

Power Specifications

Max. PowerAmps25257030.5
Total Max. Power (W)850

The minor rails are more powerful than they need to be for a modern PC, reminding us of older times when the +5V rail was heavily used instead of the +12V rail.

Speaking of the +12V rail, it's able to output 70A, easily supporting enthusiast-oriented gaming systems. And the 5VSB rail offers up to 15W capacity. That's usually plenty for today's needs.

Cables & Connectors

Modular Cables
DescriptionCable CountConnector Count (Total)GaugeIn Cable Capacitors
ATX connector 20+4 pin (600mm)1118AWGNo
4+4 pin EPS12V (650mm)1118AWGNo
6+2 pin PCIe (600mm+150mm) 3618AWGNo
SATA (520mm+110mm+110mm)2618AWGNo
SATA (500mm+110mm+110mm+110mm)1418AWGNo
Four-pin Molex (450mm+100mm+100mm+100mm)1418AWGNo
FDD Adapter (+100mm)1122AWGNo
AC Power Cord (1420mm) - C13 coupler1118AWG-

There is only one EPS connector, which we consider to be a shame for an 850W PSU. The number of PCIe connectors is enough though, and there are plenty of SATA connectors as well. All of the cables are sufficiently long. However, the distance between connectors (especially the four-pin Molex ones) is too small. Finally, Apexgaming also provides a floppy disk adapter that still might come in handy for some folks.

The AG-850M's cables are shown in the photos below.

Power Distribution

Since this PSU features a single +12V rail, we do not have anything to say about its power distribution.

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