The Windows Phone 7.5 Review, A Month-Long Experience

Touch Gestures And Multitasking

Windows Phone 7 On Nokia's Lumia 800

Touch gestures work just as they do on other mobile operating systems. However, scrolling has more of a glide effect compared to Apple's inertial mechanism.


Mobile operating systems technically aren't designed for multitasking, since applications don't continue to execute code while they're in the background. Two exceptions to this are push notifications and background audio, which allow you to receive alerts and to listen to music while doing other things. Instead, fast app switching (FAS) facilitates quick movement between multiple applications.

FAS has been supported on Android and iOS for a while. Microsoft didn't support FAS on Windows Phone 7 initially, but it was added with the Mango update. Overall, this feature is easier to use on WP7 than on Android or iOS because each individual application is represented by a large picture that displays the status of each program. In order to switch to a previous application, you just have to hold down the back button to enter the FAS interface and swipe between apps like you would a deck of cards.