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Touch Gestures And Multitasking

The Windows Phone 7.5 Review, A Month-Long Experience

Windows Phone 7 On Nokia's Lumia 800

Touch gestures work just as they do on other mobile operating systems. However, scrolling has more of a glide effect compared to Apple's inertial mechanism.


Mobile operating systems technically aren't designed for multitasking, since applications don't continue to execute code while they're in the background. Two exceptions to this are push notifications and background audio, which allow you to receive alerts and to listen to music while doing other things. Instead, fast app switching (FAS) facilitates quick movement between multiple applications.

FAS has been supported on Android and iOS for a while. Microsoft didn't support FAS on Windows Phone 7 initially, but it was added with the Mango update. Overall, this feature is easier to use on WP7 than on Android or iOS because each individual application is represented by a large picture that displays the status of each program. In order to switch to a previous application, you just have to hold down the back button to enter the FAS interface and swipe between apps like you would a deck of cards.

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    mi1ez , 12 April 2012 13:15
    The most popular apps found on Android and iOS are also found on WP7, including Facebook, YouTube, Shazam, Slacker Radio, Twitter, Angry Birds, Netflix, Adobe Acrobat, GasBuddy, Air Hockey, and Skype.

    Adobe Reader?
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    DeChe , 12 April 2012 15:49
    To my knowledge there is not Skype yet on WP7, also a major point missed is the intergrated messaging system allowing you to switch seamlessy between SMS, Facebook chat and MSN. But otherwise nice review learnt a few things myself about Bing search!
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    Anonymous , 12 April 2012 18:57
    I have used Skype on my Nokia 610 its basis but it works.

    I have had mine for 3 weeks and I am liking it. seems more stable than the android on my wife's Xperia
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    jrtolson , 13 April 2012 02:28
    as its windows i guess it will BSOD at the wrong moments like calling emergency services...

    i like the nokia lumia, im just sad not to see Symbian :-( i liked symbian
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    theFatHobbit , 13 April 2012 06:41
    At least apple cant sue over the use of square icons with rounded corners
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    Anonymous , 13 April 2012 21:12
    Where can I get a higher res version of that picture. I love it!!
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    silver565 , 16 April 2012 05:22
    I've got a WP7 phone. The only thing I want to see added now is VPN access. This is the one thing Apple & Android have over WP7
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    silver565 , 16 April 2012 05:24
    jrtolsonas its windows i guess it will BSOD at the wrong moments like calling emergency services...i like the nokia lumia, im just sad not to see Symbian :-( i liked symbian

    Never had a BSOD. The only issue I get(which is rare). Is that if I unlock the phone at the exact same time I get a Txt the screen can't be used. I have to lock and then unlock it to get it back