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Blizzard Sees More WoW Expansions

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Blizzard Entertainment’s latest World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King is barely a week old, but the company’s CEO is promising more expansions in the coming years.

CEO Mike Morhaime spoke with’s Tracey John at the New York Wrath of the Lich King launch event and said his team was already brainstorming the next expansion. He added that Blizzard is aiming for one expansion a year.

Expansions will be rolled out continuously for the “foreseeable” future, Morhaime told Further examination of the World of Warcraft lore shows that there is still a huge amount of area that can be added — namely the Maelstrom in the center of the world map and the Emerald Dream. There’s also the interesting south continent that can be seen while questing in the new continent Northrend. Some people speculate the southern continent is the origin of the goblin race.

Blizzard will try to aim for one World of Warcraft expansion annually, but Morhaime admits that it will “probably never get it down to a year”. Simply put, there is just too much content to add and he adds that some players will begin feeling a bit fatigued if expansions come too quickly.

With World of Warcraft surpassing 11 million players, will Blizzard lower to the monthly subscription fee of $14.99? Not a chance, says Morhaime. He contends that players are pretty happy with the current rate and said there really isn’t a better value that you can get in entertainment. To a certain extent he’s right, $15 a month is pretty cheap compared to a night out on the town or a dinner at a decent restaurant, or even relative to a movie ticket and popcorn.

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    MKeeper , 20 November 2008 18:04
    "Blizzard Sees"

    Surely they announce, inform or expect?
    And once it has been released, they release, deliver or realise.

    I don't think "Blizzard sees .." is ever correct ... is it?
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    Pailin , 20 November 2008 19:36

    I am getting this right, they get $1,980,000,000 a year from this game!!!

    or 165,000,000 a month... and they are too greedy to lower the monthly charge :/ 

    Crazy money if there are that many active players lol

    If only a small % of that gets put into R&D for the next gen WOW it should truely be amazing!
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    Anonymous , 21 November 2008 05:04
    As a wow player, I'm surely NOT happy to pay such a high fee. It's damn expensive.
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    ubertiger , 21 November 2008 05:15
    Go and vote with your feet sneok, I'm sure they won't miss your $15 a month if you cancel your subs.

    If you play an average of 2.5-3 hours a day for most of the month then it works out at less than 20 cents an hours to play....pretty cheap imo.

    Still quite mind boggling how much they're able to rake in from one game though....amazing.
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    Rhisc , 21 November 2008 15:03
    So after all their developement the massive infrastructure needed to support all the different languages and almost 24/7 service they should charge less because $15 is too much for some. I'm not even the most serious player and I'm more than happy to pay for my time in WoW.

    Like tiger said, you can always move on. There are plenty of free to play MMOs out there and if enough people left WoW citing cost as the reason they would probably make a change.

    I'm thinking 2 more expansions. Gets us to lev100 and with each one, another hero class character. DK was anounced as the 1st. One a year is fine by me, it'll probably take that long to get all my chars to 80. Stupid real life.