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'Wireless' 2Mbps Internet Using Blinking LEDs

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Get your blinking internet working.

The amount of freedom we have with our laptop computers these days compared to a decade ago is remarkable. Thanks to Wi-Fi and even more so now with 3G networks, we can access the internet from almost anywhere. But what if all those electromagnetic waves are undesirable to you? Then perhaps blinking lights are more to your liking.

Chinese scientists have demonstrated a wireless networking method which uses blue LEDs that transmit data by modulating flicker rate. The LED lights can double as lighting as the blinking is imperceptible by the human eye.

The speed so far achieved through blinking lights is 2Mbps, which is quite sluggish by today's other wireless standards. Also, instead of worrying about radio signal interference, now the concern will be the blocking of light transmission.

Still, it's an interesting concept. Read more from the Beijing Times.

(Via Engadget)

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    fjiekie , 20 May 2010 19:33
    so the receiver needs 'eye-contact', this wont work for home-users.
    maybe useful for environments that may NOT have any electromagnetic waves
    or a replacement for wires to fixed locations...(but much slower than wires)
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    ksampanna , 20 May 2010 19:50
    I don't trust the Chinese ...
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    shawkie , 20 May 2010 19:51
    whats light if its not an electromagnetic wave?
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    fjiekie , 20 May 2010 20:10
    non-harmful waves?
    x-ray, microwave, uv, ... do damage to us, light doesnt (ok, sunlight damages us too, but thats the UV/... in it)
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    Skid , 20 May 2010 20:24
    ksampannaI don't trust the Chinese ...

    I don't ether, yesterday I tightened up the firewalls on a couple of our works servers, and added logging for any blocked attempts. Last night 17 IP addresses got blocked, of them 13 came from China.
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    fjiekie , 20 May 2010 21:52
    Excuse you, light too is electromagnetic radiation.

    yes, but a non-harmful kind (see 4rd post)
    if i'm wrong about that, i'll give my excuses
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    Anonymous , 24 May 2010 17:10
    People have been doing this in the UK for years between their home and that of a friends. Old news is OLD.