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Study: Vista Startup Time is Faster Than Win 7

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Even if Windows 7 isn't proven by benchmarks to be the fastest, bestest version of Microsoft's operating system yet, it certainly feels a lot better. We'd use it over Windows Vista any day of the week, but new findings show that it's not the performance king – at least not yet.

Sure, there have been many tweaks under the hood to make it better than Windows Vista, but it seems that boot time is actually longer in Windows 7 – at least according to a certain standard.

LA-based iolo technologies, makers of System Mechanic PC tune-up software, sent Tom's Hardware some of its findings after spending time with Windows 7.

Windows 7 starts up slower than Vista (1:34 vs 1:06 on a brand new machine), when the actual time to usability is considered. While Windows 7 shows its desktop relatively quickly (time to desktop hovers around 40 seconds for fresh installations), its time to usability, defined as the length of time it takes for the computer to become fully usable, with CPU cycles no longer significantly high and a true idle state achieved, is significantly longer.

Windows 7 boot times slow down dramatically with the addition of common-used software and for a 0-3 month-old machine measure 2:34 (that’s a minute longer than out of the box).

The newer OS seems to keep its composure better after some real-world use, perhaps signalling a design that's better suited to perform for most computer owners.

Windows 7 only beats Vista start-up times on 3-month-old and 6-month-old machines, otherwise trailing the older version significantly.

Stay tuned early next week when iolo technologies will reveal more of its Windows 7 performance findings. We'll have the coverage first hand.

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    will_chellam , 10 October 2009 02:07
    So unless you reformat and clean install every 12 weeks, 7 is faster. Clear as mud.
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    shrex , 10 October 2009 02:19
    what about "Microsoft Aims Windows 7 to Boot in 15 Seconds"

    they have failed miserably.
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    Anonymous , 10 October 2009 04:21
    I am surprised to read this. I have been using Windows 7 on my two PC's for over 4 months now. I would honestly say Windows 7 is definitely, without a doubt, faster than Vista. I am using powerfully hardware with i7 CPU's, but this is the next generation of Windows - just like next-gen games need next-gen hardware to flourish. I was running Vista for 3 months beforehand. I have installed, and use regularly, large powerful industry leading applications, including design applications and database engines, and Windows 7 just seems to manage them effortlessly in comparison to Vista. Full stop.
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    blazer666_uk , 10 October 2009 09:26
    Well my Windows 7 takes 29 secs to boot to desktop, under vista the same computer took 42 seconds so that statement isn't true
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    Sateg , 10 October 2009 09:36
    Use a damn SSD and you will see if Windows 7 is faster!
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    Anonymous , 10 October 2009 15:11
    I have Windows 7 running on a little Netbook, which has an OZC SSD - It’s very quick. I tried Vista, and with nothing else installed it was still slower then Windows 7 - makes me wonder where these so called reports come from as there seems to be loads all of a sudden - anyone else working on an OS, due to be released soon, that could do with some bad Windows 7 press, Google???
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    horendus , 10 October 2009 23:44
    At the moment, there are 2 current Tomshardware news articals bagging M$ new windows 7.

    Let me re-phrase that.

    On the eve of wins7 release, one of the largest internet tech news reels is sporting two potentialy damaging articals contridicting all the fantastic press news M$ has "managed to feed us" since early beta version of windows 7.

    Ull then notice, in the COMMENTS of the 1st artical "Study: Vista Startup Time is Faster Than Win 7" there are 2 comments CALLING BS on these claims, and then making the bold statement that WHO WOULD BENIFIT from this kind of press release?

    None other than google, who will be releaseing there OWN OS very soon.

    Who posted these two VERY WELL WRITTEN comments, geared towards NOT TAKING THE ARTICAL SERIOUCLY and CALLING BS TO THE ARTICAL?

    User: ben green and Mark Watt

    These are these users first ever comments on Tomshardware.

    Both users were created by M$'s secret online propergander protrol, who do there there best to call BS on any bad windows 7 press release.

    The other current artical daming Windows 7 is "Windows 7 Rots Just Like All Other Windows"

    ONCE AGAIN potentialy devistating press news for M$'s new OS.

    But who steps up to the plate to CALL BS ON THE ARTICAL AGAIN?


    Does this USERID seem somewhat similar to the USERID which, mataphoricaly speaking, WAS ONE OF M$'S NIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR in the first artical?


    "bengreen1980" and "ben green"

    3rd guy? mark Watt. All users have only ever posted the 1 comments.

    I beleive all 3 users were created by M$'s press team and the comments written by M$'s propigander machine in response to this damaging news about Windows 7 Boot and Decay time, WHICH were infact released by GOOGLE through a third party software company, probably paid off through somekind of business deal with google.

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    Anonymous , 11 October 2009 00:55
    I am a veteran Windows user. I used and I wrote softwares for all the Windows versions since Windows/286 V2.1.
    I was so disgusted with Windows Vista that I switched to MAC OS.
    Since that time, it is like a dream, no more problems with drivers, no loss of performance with the computer, no crash. I tell you OS/X is a rock solid OS compared with any Windows version.
    Critics were about the limited software choice, but now large softwares library exist (checkout
    So think twice before buying Windows 7. You may spend a couple of hours into an Apple store, talk with the "Genius" or with others users, try to use a MAC, you will see how superior MAC OSX compared to Windows Vista/7 and this choice worth the extra money that you put into the Apple computer.

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    blazer666_uk , 11 October 2009 07:11
    WTF? why on earth would I want to buy a non windows PC, a mac is a very sad thing indeed with out dated hardware and limited software and prices that far outweight their true value. so john_osx I dont think so, bad arguement.
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    blazer666_uk , 11 October 2009 07:12
    blazer666_ukWTF? why on earth would I want to buy a non windows PC, a mac is a very sad thing indeed with out dated hardware and limited software and prices that exceed their true value. So john_osx I dont think so, bad arguement.

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    blazer666_uk , 11 October 2009 07:14
    SategUse a damn SSD and you will see if Windows 7 is faster!

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    blazer666_uk , 11 October 2009 07:17
    What about my comments, I'm not from ms and I can confirm that the article is a load of BS. My times are when I can use the computer so its not the second the desktop loads but the second I load up a web browser. Windows 7 is much better, and slicker - trust me I am not a MS fanboy personally I HATE Microsoft - bunch of greedy bastards much like apple really. LONG LIVE GOOGLE.
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    blazer666_uk , 11 October 2009 07:18
    If MS are reading this - please employ me, I love windows 7!
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    Anonymous , 12 October 2009 17:08
    Pretty sure none of my machines take that long, except possibly me EEE netbook! And it's not like I don't install things, I have loads of crap running on pretty average hardware. My best is a Q6600, and for sure it is < a minute to desktop, and usable after that, sure things are happening but they are low priority.

    Funny how a company that pimps tune-up software (that barely works) says it's slow... next week they'll release a piece of software with a tag line saying they can make your Win 7 quicker than Vista & XP.

    Why do you guys even report this BS and perpetuate the free marketing for these idiots.
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    damian86 , 14 December 2009 05:08
    Who cares if windows vista boots faster than w7,i will preffer that and gain stability.