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Windows 7 Surpasses 10% of Internet User Share

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Windows 7 faring far better than Windows Vista in early adoption.

Consumers and businesses are much warmer towards Windows 7 than they were towards Windows Vista – and the numbers are showing it.

According to data collected by Net Applications, relayed by Ars Technica, Windows 7 now has a greater than 10 percent market share amongst internet users. While this it still represents the smallest piece of the current Windows pie, historical comparisons show that the uptake of Windows 7 is more than twice of what Windows Vista did in its first five months of availability.

Now, it seems that businesses are starting to look into moving to Windows 7 as XP shows its age.

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    Lewis57 , 10 April 2010 18:26
    The windows 7 market share should of been compared to exisiting XP market share. We all know vista was a failure.

    Also, my college is now picking up 7 to replace XP which is great.
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    flaminggerbil , 10 April 2010 21:42
    It's a shame that relatively few people are picking up Win7 to replace XP when it's vastly superior, the less technologically adept people are worried about shifting over to a new system but dont yet realise that 7 is a helluva lot simpler to use.
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    guanyu210379 , 12 April 2010 16:29
    My windows history :
    Windows 2.1 was good.
    95 was good.
    98 was good.
    NT was good.
    ME was garbage.
    2000 for my small home server was good.
    XP was a big sucess.
    2003 for my small home server is good (Still running 2003 for my small home server...haven't tried 2008...)
    Vista was garbage.
    7 is a success and gonna be a big success.
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    devilxc , 12 April 2010 20:50

    I personally feel 98 was terrbile, I stuck with 95 for years.
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    flaminggerbil , 12 April 2010 21:10
    I skipped a good few of them but have had 3.1, 95, 98, xp, vista (never owned a copy luckily, but still had to use it), and now Win7.
    I dont think 98 was too bad for what little I can remember of it.
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    guanyu210379 , 12 April 2010 21:52
    According to my experience only ME and Vista were the real garbage.
    98 is not that good but still it is still good enough to fill the gap between 95 and 2000 or XP since ME was really really bad.