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QOTD: Which Version of Windows 7 Do You Use?

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Might you have the Signature Edition?

It's been a full week since Windows 7 officially hit the mass market. Those of you who pride yourselves in being early adopters of technology have probably already got your Windows 7 machine all tricked out and running better than things were before, be it on Vista or XP.

Microsoft believes that Windows 7 Home Premium will be the overwhelming edition for mainstream computer users, despite how much cooler-sounding Professional and Ultimate (especially Ultimate) are. Much of Home Premium's popularity will come from the fact that it'll be the most popular SKU bundled with new PCs – but you guys who build your own have a choice.

While Home Premium will do for most users, including hardcore gamers, the Professional and Ultimate editions do give you the option to run XP Mode if there is ever the need. There's also the option to backup over a network too.

What we'd like to know from your today is: which version of Windows 7 did you end up going with – and why?

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    Anonymous , 30 October 2009 04:33
    W7 Home Premium upgrade. Because of price. I have two laptops and two desktops. I would preferred the full versions but I am hoping there will be workarounds for the upgrade version. I don't see the need for XP compatibility yet or network backup when there cloud backup available. What's on XP that won't run on 7?
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    eddieseven , 30 October 2009 06:58
    Well, It’s all down to price with me. I would love to run the Ultimate version of 7 but I don’t think I can justify the exorbitantly, extortionate price.
    At present the price here is around the £172- £183 price mark and I do think it’s a tad to high. £120 would have been quite enough, same as Vista Ultimate and for that I would have purchased it in a second.
    Considering Vista was a pretty poor mistake all said and done, Microsoft should have at least thought of its customer base in a more forgiving light rather than simply profiteering from its own mistakes.
    Vista users should have been compensated rather than punished; I had many problems with it that have only just recently been ironed out. The heavy burden still remains however, albeit a little more forgiving.
    As for Xp, It will remain on one of my machines as there are some elderly programs and games I still thoroughly enjoy from time to time. However I really think it’s time is drawing near now 7 has been released.
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    Anonymous , 30 October 2009 12:40
    Why am I going to buy 32 or 64 bit version sorry? Is 64 bit for multi core processors? I'm seeing Home edition 32 bit and 64 bit in OEM boxes and premium in retail box. flibertigibbet.
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    Anonymous , 30 October 2009 12:46
    because we have got chubby and haven't shaved for weeks?
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    citybumpkin , 30 October 2009 12:53
    I use the Professional version. The only listed differences are the Bitlocker and Language switching, neither of which I'd want to use anyway.
    I'm using the 64 bit version which is working well, apart from a little confusion about which version of Explorer is running (32 or 64 bit). They are both present and both have the same icon, but they behave differently with Java programs (such as EMC Navisphere) and launch different versions of Java. Having both on there is a good move, but changing the labels slightly between the versions would help. Vista 64 had the same issue though.
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    citybumpkin , 30 October 2009 13:00
    I am using the XP mode, but that’s mostly because it runs as a virtual PC. It means you can run more than one instance of programs such as webex, without them interfering with each other.
    Virtual PCs are definitely a step forward, because how else are we going to use up all this extra memory, now that we are not limited to 4GB.
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    Anonymous , 30 October 2009 14:18
    I'm running Professional 64 bit on my desktop and home premium on my laptop. Professional was very cheap here in the UK during the promotional pre-order phase so I bagged my copies then. I need the network backup feature on the desktop - would have been nice on the laptop but can manage without. Loving Win7 btw, a definite step up from Vista ultimate 64.
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    Tweedledum , 30 October 2009 15:45
    I'm running Professional x64 on my desktop and Ultimate 32bit on my laptop. Its a significant improvement on Vista. My laptop wouldn't run Vista because it was too slow, but it runs 7 perfectly smoothly!
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    tinnerdxp , 30 October 2009 16:10
    Ultimate x64 - and so far so good.
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    dsputnik , 30 October 2009 16:39
    I'm running Professional x64 on my desktop and have been for about a month or so now due to the free release given to MSDNAA. It's been excellent so far and has not shown any of the bugs i was facing with Vista. I did a fresh install too just to make sure there was no more Vista left over
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    waxdart , 30 October 2009 21:19
    I bought it, had it over a week and not installed it yet.

    I'll use the home 64bit one. to test it out. I've moved over to ubuntu for most things now. Got windows for a deal so at 43quid you cant go that wrong.
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    impy1980 , 30 October 2009 22:19
    I'm running Professional x64 after a student upgrade for £30, I mainly went for Pro because its better network capabilities and XP mode. I was running 7 RC previously and before that XP Home. I did a clean install straight from 7 RC after ISO'ing it and putting in on DVD.
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    iinweed , 1 November 2009 05:46
    Installed it from MSDN ages ago, used it for a few days, went back to XP.

    Doesn't do anything more than XP as far as my requirements go, and having to learn where all the setting are again just isn't worth the effort.
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    p75 , 2 November 2009 01:05
    Well I have pro, as it has XP mode but I will still be using XPp on my other hard drive to.
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    pSynrg , 2 November 2009 15:47
    Ultimate x64 with 24GB RAM, so I can have different versions of Windows from over the years running simultaneously (so far, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, 2000 & XP). This way I can safely slip back into a nostalgia trap and feel better about all the features I don't have at any point in time in the event something new and useful freaks me out!
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    mi1ez , 3 November 2009 14:30
    Home Premium x64. Don't need XP mode or to connect to a domain. I have hard drives coming out my ears so backing up isn't a problem.