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Microsoft Shows Official Windows 7 Box Art

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Simple and clean.

Last month, Polish website CentrumXP posted several box shots of Windows 7. We weren’t sure if they were just mockups or just very exclusive and early leaks – but it turns out that they were on the money.

On Microsoft’s Store is a preview page for Windows 7. While pricing remains a mystery, it seems that the boxes will look something like this:

What do you think of Microsoft's multiple SKUs of Windows 7? Do you think Microsoft should just sell one consumer version of Windows for one flat price?

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    Clintonio , 9 June 2009 00:50
    If the flat price was around the price of Home Premium, then it'd be awesome. But, a lot of people still aren't willing to pay "loads" for Windows (yet fail to realise Mac OSX isn't better, yet Linux is free). I'm happy to buy Ultimate if it means I get my hands on the features that 99% of users won't use anyway. If I have to pay a few pennies for what amounts to extra applications with the OS, it's no different to me paying some random company. Yet, with M$, I know it'll be tightly integrated, and that's how I like my Remote Desktop and other underlying and important OS features (Internet Browser firmly excluded, ****ing IE)
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    shoota , 9 June 2009 01:16
    looks like vista's artwork. they should have done something completely different just for the sake of separating from vista. one sku would be nice just for the sake of simplicity but i understand why they do it.
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    Micropat , 9 June 2009 02:40
    Are the boxes really different sizes? (eg. see the way professional is bigger than home premium). If I go through with my build plans I'll be needing to get ultimate I guess.
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    LePhuronn , 9 June 2009 03:54
    I have no problem with multiple versions as longs it's kept to sensible levels and pricing - Starter/Basic/Netbook Edition that's NETBOOK ONLY (and therefore bundled), Home, Business and Ultimate is all you need.
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    tinnerdxp , 9 June 2009 15:25
    With regards to the artwork - don't really care but Shoota is right - they should've done something to differentiate from Vista. As for the OS versions and such - I would always go for the "XP Pro" equivalent so Business Edition I guess? Do I get this right that Ultimate will be "Business Edition" plus all sorts of crap that nobody uses? Then again - if the difference in price betwen BE and U is not big - I would have gone for Ultimate... Oh... and one more thing Microsoft - could you please make the Ultimate version cheaper than your far away competitor? You know the one that does not support BDRoms or new equipment in general, and when you want to maximise the window you have to hit a circle instead of a double-clicking the bar?
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    Anonymous , 9 June 2009 16:48
    All versions of Windows 7 on one dvd set, priced at £49.99. Let the user decide which version to install and then there is no moaning about misinterpreted machine specs. This would give early mass adoption of Windows 7 and greatly reduce the temptation of piracy.
    Retailers would have one SKU, one display - flat non discounted pricing.
    Microsoft sells gazillion more licensed copies and have an official legitimate user base. Simples
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    ukctstrider , 9 June 2009 18:19
    I think it's a step forward that you get the full version of Windows on the DVD and then can upgrade later if you wish.

    I think the seperate stages of pricing are very important, one SKU I think would be worse for the consumer as home users would end up subsidising the enterprise market.
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    maisere , 9 June 2009 19:44
    I like the idea of several SKUs, most people wouldnt understand the difference and prefer to be told what to have. While Linux is free for netbooks Windows is a selling point as long as it is at the right price.

    It is fine as long as the price is right.
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    waxdart , 9 June 2009 20:28
    @MarkW UK - SOLD! I'd give it a shot for that.
    There are better alternatives of OS software out there for free so regardless of how much they spend to make it, at the end of the day it’s of less value.
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    LePhuronn , 9 June 2009 20:49
    How about one disc with an install that detects your hardware capabilities and recommends a version with the option to override?

    For the most part the differences between versions are the utilities and extra features, not necessarily difference hardware performance tiers (except Aero).

    Or just fuck it all off, do a standard, single version and have all the extra crap as downloadables - charge if you have to but at least there's no messing about with different boxes confusing the hell out of average Joe Consumer.
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    Anonymous , 11 June 2009 16:11
    Or buy Snow Leopard for $29.