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Windows 7 Anti-Piracy Update Now Live

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New patch checks for more activation hacks.

Earlier this month, we detailed that Microsoft was prepping a Windows 7 Update that would improve Windows Activation Technologies to detect more than 70 known and potentially dangerous activation exploits.

Those paying attention to their Windows Update will see that the patch KB971033 is now live. It's not explicitly named anything to do with Windows Activation Technologies, as it's simply termed as an "Update for Windows 7."

Microsoft previously pointed out that this update is completely voluntary and users can decline the update when it appears (though we can't imagine why legitimate users would worry). Of course, if a hack or exploit is found, Windows 7 will alert the user by removing the desktop background and pop up periodic reminders of just how non-genuine it is feeling.

Read more about the patch here.

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    padlius , 25 February 2010 05:21
    Is that games or just illegal version of windows.
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    mi1ez , 25 February 2010 14:43
    Just Windows. Although if you have illegal games I should keep quiet. We don't like piracy...
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    N.Broekhuijsen , 25 February 2010 15:43
    That's just great... another background process for us all... Legal users get the advantage of losing performance because of the amount of illegal users...

    Thats a bit over it's probably very low footprint but still...
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    mi1ez , 25 February 2010 16:39
    I believe it's an updated version of an existing background process that's always been there. Probably only does anything during startup and windows updates anyway.
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    DonJuan2000 , 25 February 2010 18:10
    considering that lots of illegal versions of everything are full of malvare, viruses and even the best ones can with lots of probability turn your computer into a "zombie" with all the consequences, its a very good news.
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    DonJuan2000 , 25 February 2010 18:11
    Anyway dosent cost so much, expecial if you buy a new comp OEM version, and anyway its their job and he's right to buy it.
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    flaminggerbil , 25 February 2010 19:34
    Eh, you do realise that there's no compulsion to download this, xbeater?

    Although after installing the recent set of patches my system refused to boot anyway, so it's not like you're missing out on much.
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    mi1ez , 25 February 2010 21:05
    You too? Last lot knocked out one of our work machines.
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    DonJuan2000 , 25 February 2010 22:11
    no problem with mine, not for that.
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    Anonymous , 26 February 2010 04:11
    I finally decided to go legit a couple of years ago with the release of Vista and actually paid money for Windows. Three months later for the first timer ever I had a message on my desktop say something like "This version of Windows is not Genuine"

    Lesson - stick with piracy, you get less sh*t
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    DonJuan2000 , 26 February 2010 04:32
    stemo, its just piracy propaganda. yeah Vista didnt like too, but never had such problem.
    Now I have Windows 7, just did all patches. No problems at all. Maybe your seller gived you a pirate copy ??? Or who know what ?!
    Anyway if you have original copy, you can always ask microsoft for assistace.

    Anyway i repeat, its much secure and better to have Operative System original and a commercial one too ( if you mind other s.o. )...

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    Anonymous , 26 February 2010 06:21
    Don Juan - No it was legit - I fixed it (for a couple of weeks) after a 40 min phone call to some guy in India who confused me by sounding less human than the prerecorded automatic telephone system that led to him.

    Really I understand why you automatically recoil at the thought of piracy, but I was just trying to buy a copy of Windows and found it less convenient, more expensive and generally problematic than pirating it.

    In future I will copy Windows and give the money I save to someone more deserving...
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    DonJuan2000 , 26 February 2010 07:59
    You say your point, I said mine. Never had any problem with original windows. Maybe about overall performance with Vista, but surely not about activation and things like that. Always clear and fast installation and activation and so very lots of peoples around the globe.
    So maybe its your copy or your computer the problem. Windows 7 was even more easy to activate by online activation, less the 30seconds.

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    mi1ez , 26 February 2010 14:47
    Stemo, by pirating software you cause companies to put in measures such as the one described.
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    flaminggerbil , 26 February 2010 18:02
    Ah the ol' endless piracy justification loop.

    People pirate because of anti-piracy measures causing hassle -> companies use more intrusive anti-piracy measures to protect products -> Stage 1 again -> stage 2 again, etc.
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    mi1ez , 26 February 2010 18:12
    fact remains, if noone priated, we'd have much less anti-piracy, although i'm not blaming anti-piracy measures for the existence of pirates. Most of them are just too tight!
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    flaminggerbil , 26 February 2010 20:32
    I meant it as a means of pointing out how rediculous the argument used by pirates is to be honest. I'm very much against piracy as ultimately it's nothing but stealing, utterly illegal.
    Unfortunately the only people who are to blame for the ever increasing security are the the ones who wont get hurt by it, instead passing the burden to honest consumers.