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This is How Microsoft Introduced Windows 1.0

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1985. Just think about that. What were you doing?

Ready for a blast from the past? Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's chief software architect, is blogging again after migrating from Windows Live Spaces to Wordpress. His first new entry is about a decades-old press packet that he found. Inside were the announcement details for Windows 1.0

Believe it or not, these were the words about a new product family that would change computing:

BELLEVUE, WA -- NOVEMBER 20, 1985 --Microsoft Corporation announced today the retail shipment of the Microsoft Windows operating environment to dealers and distributors.

Microsoft Windows extends the features of the DOS operating system, yet is compatible with most existing applications that run under DOS. Windows lets users integrate the tasks they perform with their computer by providing the ability to work with several programs at the same time and easily switch between them without having to quit and restart individual applications. In addition, it provides a rich foundation for a new generation of applications.

"Windows provides unprecedented power to users today and a foundation for hardware and software advancements of the next few years," said Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft. "It is unique software designed for the serious PC user, who places high value on the productivity that a personal computer can bring."

Also a part of the package was a screenshot of Windows 1.0's user interface. No fancy Aero effects back then!

Source: SeattlePI

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    gdilord , 18 October 2010 15:35
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    tranzz , 18 October 2010 16:17
    LOL I owned a copy
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    marney_5 , 18 October 2010 17:48
    Thats so cool! I wasnt even born when this came out!!!!
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    Anonymous , 18 October 2010 18:06
    DOS operating system

    Disk Operating System operating system?
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    Shuge1 , 18 October 2010 18:54
    Humble beginings..
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    guanyu210379 , 18 October 2010 19:29
    Hmm...I was still 6 years old back then..
    and my first windows was the 3.1..
    Before 3.1...I just used the PC for kids games under DOS..
    5.12" floppy...

    This brings out a lot of memories...
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    wild9 , 18 October 2010 20:02
    Work with several programs at the same time? Yeah, right..more like stalling one application whilst you switch to another.
    Real (aka preemptive), multi-tasking belonged to the Commodore Amiga, which came out in the same year. The Amiga's operating system was called Workbench and it walked all over this junk. The Amiga's mult-tasking was also built right down into the hardware, in the form of custom chips to handle video, sound and I/O tasks. All controlled by a shiny new Motorola 68000 CPU. In contrast the PC had antiquated Intel 8086 and 80286 CPU hardware that was built only to handle small, single tasks under a DOS environment. This hardware wasn't too good at managing memory resources, either.

    I often remember going back to 'Windows' after using Workbench Amiga, and wasting no end up time trying to achieve the same level of productivity. It felt so cumbersome; on the PC you couldn't even format a floppy drive without grinding the whole system down. I also remember the endless questions from IT Department heads, as to why anyone would want to run so many apps at the same time. How times change. The only thing that kept me using x86 platform was the quality of the CAD and office software, and well, because so many people were sold on it in the first place meaning I had to be able to understand it.

    Still, reading this you'd think Microsoft invented WIMP interfaces, and multi-tasking..that's marketing for you.
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    normano , 18 October 2010 21:21
    and Amiga is where now?

    I do see what you are saying, but its kind alike the old BetaMax vs VHS thing all over again
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    hollett , 18 October 2010 23:11
    I'm sure there is a copy of Windows 1 in my attic someware on 5 1/4" floppy.
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    Lewis57 , 19 October 2010 01:08
    I was seriously hoping for a link to the Steve Ballmer advertisements he done for a few MS OS', think he did it for 95 98 though.