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Benchmark Results: 4 KB And 512 KB Random Writes

OCZ's Vertex 3 Pro: Second-Gen SandForce Perf Preview

SandForce's second-generation controller helps OCZ skip to the front of the line. OCZ said 70 000 IOPs in 4 KB random writes, and we got 70 000. It's hard not to be impressed by this chart.

Both the Vertex 2 and Agility 2 use the SF-1200. The difference between them is that the Agility 2 uses SandForce's mass production firmware. The Vertex 2 drive, in comparison, uses OCZ's optimized "extended" firmware. 

Writing completely random data to these drives represents a worst-case scenario for the first generation of SandForce drives. When we rerun our benchmarks, the values widely differ from run to run, despite performing a secure erase. This isn't the case with the Vertex 3 Pro. We are seeing fairly consistent scores across the board, and when we look at largely concurrent operations, the drive excels. With a queue depth of 32, it achieves roughly 300% speed increase from what we saw with the Vertex 2.

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