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In Win Griffin (With Power Man PSU)

Three Gaming Cases, With Power, Under $100

Best known for its well-made office PC cases, In Win has spent the last few years trying to win over younger buyers with an additional line of stylized cases. In Win is also a power supply provider, its Power Man units widely available in several of its other cases. Yet, until we find a seller providing today’s exact combination, we’re left considering the separate prices of its $40 Griffin case and $42 Power Man IP-S400DQ3-2 power supply. The combined $82 price is similar to those of its older factory-shipped combos (such as its C589T.D400TBL8P).

The first two things that strike us about the Griffin’s design are its 220 mm side-panel fan and its angular 5.25” drive bay covers. Hidden in the recess of the front panel is a 3.5” drive bay.

The biggest functional difference between the Griffin and In Win’s more traditional designs might be its hide-away front-panel ports. Adding eSATA allows In Win to further set the Griffin apart from similarly-priced competitors.

A look around back reveals even more differences between the Griffin and In Win’s more traditional designs. First, the 120 mm fan is missing, replaced with a 92 mm unit to make the case narrower. Second, the inset port panel is missing, replaced by a cheaper flush design. Also notice the plastic tabs, which pop out to release the side panels.

A very basic installation kit includes a brief user’s manual, a small pack of screws and standoffs, and a push-on PC speaker.

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