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Ubisoft's Internet DRM Servers Are Under Attack

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Ubisoft's DRM authentication servers for Silent Hunter 5 and Assassin's Creed II are being hit with a DDoS attack, blocking legit gamers from playing.

Gamers trying to play Silent Hunter 5 and Assassin's Creed II over the weekend might have been unable to due to Ubisoft's DRM server being down.

The games publisher is now telling that the outage was due to an denial of service attack. The company announced via its Twitterstream:

Apologies to anyone who couldn’t play ACII or SH5 yesterday. Servers were attacked which limited service from 2:30pm to 9pm Paris time

95% of players were not affected, but a small group of players attempting to open a game session did receive denial of service errors

Shortly after, Ubisoft added the following tweet, expressing its pleasure in its war against piracy.

We're happy to say ACII & SH5 are withstanding the efforts to crack them. We see the rumors but still confirm no valid cracked versions exist

Those behind the attacks haven't given up. Ubisoft most recently tweeted again:

Our servers are under attack again. Some gamers are experiencing trouble signing in. We're working on it and will keep you posted

Stay tuned.

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    N19h7M4r3 , 9 March 2010 06:41
    Ubisoft really doesnt understand that the attacks wont stop until the hackers find something better to do, or they give in to their demands of taking that awful of the market and patch the game to not require it... Ubisoft is blind with power and they are just starting to hit a walls...
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    wifiwolf , 9 March 2010 06:52
    Just protecting their business. I don't really agree with their ways but one does what he can. And a true hacker likes some good challenge.
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    Anonymous , 9 March 2010 06:54
    ROFL Epic Fail on listening to your customers Ubisoft!!!
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    MAC_HATER , 9 March 2010 08:48
    at the managment meeting:
    "hmm guys there seems to be real unrest and ill will towards up at the moment - ive been told its the DRM system we have put in place and the fact the servers karked it and not a single player could play their legally purchased game while pirates had no trouble with their copies - any ideas on how we can fix this?"

    "I KNOW! Lets deny anything actually went wrong and that the DRM is perfect in every way - totally flawless to the point we should all receive bonuses and ignore potential customers and scare away forever our current ones!"

    "BRILLIANT IDEA! you're up for promotion you are!"

    way to go ubisoft - what happened to you? you used to be cool :( 
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    piphil , 9 March 2010 14:07
    i) Was the DDoS actually just a lot of people trying to play AC2?

    ii) If it is a DDoS, then this is proof of what a lot of people were saying was wrong with this system, among other things. Hopefully it'll convince UbiSoft to patch this stupid and intrusive system out of these games.
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    mi1ez , 9 March 2010 14:37
    People orchestrating DDoS attacks really aren't helping matters. This isn't going to stop Ubisoft using the same system. Leave the poor legitimate gamers to play!
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    princeofdreams , 9 March 2010 15:18
    Seems strange to me how everyone blames Ubisoft for this, when in fact it is down to the illegal activities of these hackers, don't get me wrong I am all against intrusive DRM, but what are Ubisoft supposed to do?

    They are trying to protect their product against copyright theft, all other forms of DRM have failed at this, it was inevitable that online authentication would happen eventually, yet here is everyone crying "Oh Ubisoft you are so greedy, why not let everyone just keep stealing from you and do nothing?" If people were stealing from you would U just keep allowing it to happen? No you wouldn't you would protect your things as any sane person would, why should a company be different?

    People copying games has always happened, and will continue to happen, but don't blame the company for trying to stop it, blame those that copy the game and just expect to have something for nothing, if no one pirated there would be no DRM, Q.E.D

    If u went to the bank and they told you "oops we have no money for you today, sorry we left it all on the counter unprotected, and someone just walked away with it" You would be screaming at them, why wasn't it protected? Why wasn't it secure? Yet because it is a faceless company being ripped off, then its fine, you class them as greedy and evil. Get a grip, Ubisoft are not responsible for DRM the pirates and the thieves are
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    x3style , 9 March 2010 16:08
    It's interesting how superficial everyone's point of view is. None of you actually look for a reason of why everything happens and just take everything blindly as it is.
    This is what our downfall will be.

    You talk about people that "walk away with the money from the counter" as an example, why would one do that in the first place if you have all the money in the world would you steal from a counter? no you would not you are enticed to do this because of poverty because of the gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider and wider.

    If piracy provides to those who cannot afford it the pleasure of the rich. The rich would want to get richer and charge the poor but the poor have nothing, except brainpower and numbers.

    You would say why don't they get a job so they can have money, well the rich don't want to share with everyone that's for sure, as we can see this on every corner, people shot because they walked in front of some rich douche's house.

    Money in itself is a fictive and artificial currency that allowed the rich to enslave everyone.Lowering the value of actual richness like , grain, cattle, so that they can buy them wholesale and drain all the richness to leave them poor while they get more and more.

    Why is there a bank in the first place? Because the split between social classes is so huge that people go into survival mode, crimes occur and instead of looking for the reason we again take it as is an deal with the crime itself instead of looking why it has occurred in the first place.

    We got to the point that we are categorized on birth, instead of being all equal in rights, people are born poor and born rich.

    The entire degradation we are in is disgusting and it does not stop here.It will eventually lead to our extinction as we kill ourselves and we may as well deserve it.

    And here you are now being more biased and shouting in acceptance on the next level of prejudice, to destroy yet more of our rights to be judged as innocent until proven guilty, you want company's to think you are a criminal to start with thus they need to protect themselves from you.

    Some of you could not see the forest from the trees in front of you.
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    mi1ez , 9 March 2010 16:12
    Stealing's ok if people are poor?
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    x3style , 9 March 2010 16:12
    You talk about the company as if it would be normal to defend itself as if it would have the same rights as a human being yet is has none of its weakness.

    A company is you prison where you go to work everyday to earn what would be rightfully yours, the right to live the right to consume your share of natures resources, they belong to everyone not to 1 company.

    But its tough to see outside the box when you where born inside it and you live inside it.
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    x3style , 9 March 2010 16:14
    mi1ezStealing's ok if people are poor?

    Oh yeah rights stealing is wrong but its ok for 1 guy to earn 4000$ a month for 6 hour shifts and others get 50$ a month for 16h shifts.
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    x3style , 9 March 2010 16:15
    I told you you just can't see the box if you live in.
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    ronanh , 9 March 2010 16:18
    If someone can afford the hardware to play these games and the internet connection required to download the pirated software in the first place then how come they can't afford to pay for the game too?

    The true poor have far more pressing concerns than DRM, get over yourself!
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    princeofdreams , 9 March 2010 16:29

    What a load of twaddle, never heard so much crap in all my life, if people had enough money they wouldn't pick up more money just laying around? what complete and utter bullshit this is, human beings, by evolutionary design are hunter gathers, we are designed to collect and amass as much as possible, it is a basic human instinct.

    We (well most people using this forum at least) are from a western society, opportunity exists for more or less anyone, the argument that someone has a better lifestyle than others is a justification for theft is moronic at best, were not talking about essential items people need to live, food, water, clothing, heating or shelter, its a game, entertainment and no, just because someone is richer than you it doesn't justify stealing from them.

    Your utopian society has not, does not and will not exist, go live in China or some other communist country where the wealth is supposedly shared between the masses, see just how well off people are there... A fair society where everything and everyone is equal is a myth and a false dream, it does not exist. We have evolved through survival of the fittest, it is ingrained in us, and a million years of evolution will insure it stays ingrained in us. All we can do as a society is curb the excess and the violence, people need to be able to progress, they need to grow and expand, otherwise we would all still be living in caves and beating bongo drums for entertainment

    people work hard to to improve their lives, put in hard work, thought and apply themselves, the fact that you can't be bothered does not give you or anyone else the right to steal from them. Grow up....
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    waxdart , 9 March 2010 16:35
    @Princeofdreams. Yes I do understand that they have a right to try to protect their own software.
    Once the DRM is fully cracked, and it will be. It can only cause problems for legitimate paying customers.
    DRM software hides itself on your system. Behaving like a virus + root kit + Trojan cloaking itself.
    Do a search for “DRM code hijacked by Trojan” and you’ll start to see why you don’t want it on your system. I guess it behaved like an honest program that you could uninstall after you’ve finished with the game that would be better. But whilst is searching for other programmes running on your system and breaking you machine if you have two dvd drives installed it should not be trusted or installed.
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    princeofdreams , 9 March 2010 16:43
    @ Waxdart,

    I know, and I agree it is intrusive and I don't want it on my system either, my point was though these draconian measures are not wanted by the companies either, it takes time & money to develop them, but if people continue to pirate the game then these companies are sort of forced down this route.

    My argument is if no one pirated, then there would be no DRM, but the reality of the matter is people do pirate and so there is DRM. It is the pirates who are ultimately responsible for DRM.

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    waxdart , 9 March 2010 21:45
    @Princeofdreams "It is the pirates who are ultimately responsible for DRM."

    Yeap - and the DRM will make pirates of those that want to buy the game!

    this isn't going to work out well for anyone.
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    TegGhola , 9 March 2010 22:24
    Yeah, DRM and anti-piracy measures have always been utterly useless.

    Anyone remember the days when games came with a table of access codes with black ink on dark, dark red paper. The idea was that pirates couldn't photocopy the table. All that happened was that pirates either cracked the access protection (which meant the pirated version was more fun to use than the legitimate version) or they hand-copied the whole table and photocopied that.

    Stupid then, stupid now. I'm hoping that open source gaming becomes popular soon, even if it does mean the graphics take a turn for the worse.
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    Anonymous , 10 March 2010 04:03
    Well, judging from the language used above, and after some analysis done, prince of dream above is at least an employee of ubisoft, obviously.

    Slight possibility of him being even the manager of the said company as well! You never know.

    Or some hardcore BOT trying to stand up for his passion - a company that don't pay him jack sh*t for his bull**** defence of a retarded system. Oh and even though we are all in the West and rich and everything, Bill Gates is still richer than you and me, what a dumbf**k.

    Jon the great!
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    Anonymous , 12 March 2010 07:10
    @Princeofdreams: Although it is accepted that pirates are the cause of DRM, it actually doesn't make sense. Every DRM ever invented will be cracked, therefore it will not stop determined pirates. Anything more intrusive than a simple product code achieves NOTHING on the piracy prevention front, and achieves MUCH in the encouraging piracy front. Draconian DRM can only increase piracy. It's not rocket science.