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Hardware Installation And Overclocking

System Builder Marathon, June 2011: Alternative $2000 PC

The HAF X by Cooler Master includes the rare internal-header USB 3.0 interface. That means we aren’t forced to loop a cable around the back of the case or create our own workaround to achieve the full functionality of this case.

Cooler Master gives builders the option of putting 2.5” drives in the HAF X front-loading two-drive backplane or mounting one internally via an included adapter. We didn’t feel like wiring up the backplane, so we used the two 3.5” bay adapters included with the A-Data SSD drives.

Remaining components installed in the same manner as outlined in our original build, which borrows heavily from the methods of our our How To guide.

Note that two of the HAF X’s major features are missing in today’s build: the card holder bracket and graphics card duct. Both features are designed for dual cards using two-slot spacing, while our motherboard instead uses three-slot spacing to improve cooling without necessitating those devices. Another feature, the power supply cable cover, hides the left-over cable bundle from our non-modular power supply.

We were not able to improve the overclock of our CPU whatsoever, and our graphics cards were already pushed to the maximum frequencies allowed by software. Program performance is thus identical between the original build and this new alternative, and we’re instead forced to focus on heat and noise alone.

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    Jay_83 , 27 June 2011 21:13
    The HAF X. Not a bad case, but it's SO damn UGLY!
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    Silmarunya , 27 June 2011 21:52
    Tastes differ, but this case is plain ugly and rather loud too. I'm a big fan of Silverstone and Lian Li cases, they're simple, elegant and quiet.

    Then again, great for the HAF X lovers.
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    shanky887614 , 27 June 2011 22:06
    i was thinking of a similar build but id rather go with an antc case than this, they just seem to look so much better
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    LePhuronn , 28 June 2011 01:29
    I really don't get what people see in the HAF X - yeah OK it's huge and will fit anything inside it, but if you have the money to buy one of the top-end motherboards and/or a monster £600 GPU (or 2) then you have the money to get a Temjin or similar high-end chassis, not that fugly plastic crap.

    Plus the cooling performance of the HAF X is done so at the expense of being quiet.

    Silverstone FT02 - best air cooling case on the market in every respect.
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    obsidian86 , 30 June 2011 03:02
    i love the seasonic psu great solid performance but please consider this psu
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    tziakas , 6 July 2011 17:09
    I couldn't agree more with the comments against the case...plastic? no air filters? Better leave you old case open, you get the same amount of dust inside, but the noise will be significantly lower :p 

    Aluminum is the way, +1 for Lian Li (not that Silverstone are bad)