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QOTD: Do You Want Nvidia to Make CPUs?

By - Source: Tom's Hardware US | B 18 comments

Things in life change, and so do things in the IT industry. The previous three or four years around the early 2000's, was somewhat slow in growth. But in the last two years, things have really picked up again.

This leads us to CPUs. Even in the CPU landscape, things are rapidly changing. Architectures are getting increasingly more efficient, clock for clock. But CPUs themselves aside, even manufacturers are changing. Just this year, AMD decided to spin-off its manufacturing arms into what's now known as Globalfoundries.

However, there's one quaint company, called Nvidia, that's been promoting how powerful its GPUs are for more than just graphics. But don't think of Nvidia's products as the traditional GPU anymore like they once were. With such things as CUDA, Nvidia represents a very powerful option for the future. Although Nvidia has denied much about creating a full-fledged CPU, I can tell you now that it's very possible. That said:

The question of the day is: Do you want Nvidia to make CPUs to compete with Intel and AMD?

There's no doubt, that this is a very hot topic.

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    Peezee , 27 March 2009 00:56
    That would be great for competition, so my answer would be yes :) 
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    the Innocent , 27 March 2009 01:23
    Competition Competition Competition, its what mad the Core architecture so great if it wasn't for AMD Intel would not need to work hard. And its what made the 4850HD the people choice graphic processor
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    LePhuronn , 27 March 2009 01:53
    NVIDIA will have a major issue if they do try to make CPUs.

    Given the recent stand-offs between Intel and NVIDIA I really doubt Intel would actually grant NVIDIA a license for x86 and as a result I doubt Microsoft or Apple would put in the effort to port their codebase to a new architecture without some significant performance figures to justify it, especially as Apple's already done it recently for the Intel Macs.

    Sure, we'd probably see Linux kernels built for NVIDIA but it'd all be done to enthusiast geek projects.

    On top of that, even IF Intel did grant NVIDIA access to x86 NIVIDIA would have a long way to go to be a competitor product to Intel or AMD.

    That being said, this is all talk about NVIDIA developing a CPU for the desktop - there's a ton of other avenues they could go and no doubt carve themselves some marketshare.
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    the Innocent , 27 March 2009 03:19
    x86 architectures a more or less the same across manufactures Windows runs on VIA, AMD and Intel processors without rewrites. OS X is designed to be portable to other architectures for Apple it wouldn't be all that challenging if a good enough reason was there.
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    LePhuronn , 27 March 2009 03:30
    @the Innocent:

    True as that may be, Intel owns x86 so NVIDIA would have to be licensed to build a x86 CPU as with everybody else, and it gets messy given that AMD own the 64-bit superset and license that back to Intel.

    So the big issue as I said is whether NVIDA could even get that license if Intel decided to be difficult.
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    Peezee , 27 March 2009 05:18
    At the one saying Nvidia would have a long way to go even if they did get a license, I disagree. If anyone else remembers how they suddenly blew everyone away with their GeForce graphics card back in the day, it could definitely be possible.
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    LePhuronn , 27 March 2009 05:32

    I guess we'd have to see. Certainly NVIDIA wouldn't even consider making the attempt if they didn't have a genuine shot at it, so perhaps they'd surprise us all.

    Tech forums and magazines such as Tom's would no doubt jump all over an NVIDIA CPU to see what the crack is, but I think it'd take some pretty special performance numbers or some other significant benefit for system builders to move away from the proven commodity that are Intel and AMD - and it's that perception gap they'd need to make up, not a technological one.
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    plasmastorm , 27 March 2009 05:41
    Nvidia making CPU's, Hmmm.... Yes.

    Competition is not the only reason.

    As far as GPU manufacturers go (and im not just saying this because i have an Nvida GFX card, previous was ATi 1900xt) they seem to push new tech not only to make more money for themselves which is natural. But also to push the limits of what is available on the market.

    As a tech meyself i fully apreciate this, bew technology is not only a way forward in general terms but is essential in terms of creating new industries and oppertunaties therein.
    ( Excuse the spelling, it's late :)  )
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    the Innocent , 27 March 2009 05:46
    @ LePhuronn:

    But the question is if you want Nvidia to make a CPU to compete with AMD & Intel. And my answer is definitely yes. More competition the better
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    LePhuronn , 27 March 2009 07:08
    @the Innocent:

    Of course! Competition is always good for the consumer and if NVIDIA make any impact on Intel as "another choice" then Intel will have to do something about it.
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    wifiwolf , 27 March 2009 08:31
    I would certainly like it but we should notice that nvidia entering GPU market was easy as there was really no GPU then, there were some 3D acelerators, more like the co-processors worked. Those devices had less or equal power as the CPU. They just made something new.
    Now if they do the same and get the virtualization bandwagon as a bridge, they could bring some true 64bit processing and paralelism to CPU. This is the only chance any late-in competitor could have, in my opinion.
    And just side note - It's not matter of Intel letting Nvidia in, it's how much it will cost.
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    Anonymous , 27 March 2009 08:46
    i have my reasons for saying this that i dont want to share and its a sound NO
    simple as i answered the question
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    mi1ez , 27 March 2009 15:54
    Doesn't bother me either way tbh. if it pushed AMD and Intel into better or cheaper products (competition and all) then sure, but I don't thik I'd be leaping on it.
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    waxdart , 27 March 2009 17:54
    @Mi1ez - thats about it for me too.

    I'd add - I dream of a time when incompatibly betweens CPU and GPU could be linked to one company's parts. I'd also like the think that there would be some sort of magic speed up by using the parts in conjunction.

    It will never happen!

    Why do they keep bugging us with the questions and why do I answer? They are keeping us from bitching about the other articles.
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    wifiwolf , 27 March 2009 22:44

    waxdart ,
    Companies want to know what we think, not because we know something but because they need to know if marketing department, PR and brand management is doing it's work.
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    plasmastorm , 27 March 2009 23:28
    Was kinda thinking myself that all these question topics recently was a marketing thing.

    Glad im not the only one. Now i don't feel so crazy for looking over my shoulder lol.
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    zebzz , 6 May 2009 01:03
    I would like to see more competition, especialy from Nvidia. It was 3Dfx and Voodoo that started the 3D revolution and Nvidia then took over with the Geforce series would be nice to see a revolutionary change in the way CPUs are going. I think this should also go to AMD and ATI as they have an oportunity to maybe make a hybrid processor as well.
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    plasmastorm , 6 May 2009 16:41
    They would have to seriously work on the heat issues 1st i think. ATi cards are generally very very hot