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news - APRIL 20 0

Maingear announced a new workstation laptop called the Pulse 15 Pro, which features the latest 6th generation Intel Core i7 or Xeon processors, up to 16 GB of DDR4, an Nvidia Quadro M2000 graphics module and...

news - APRIL 4 0

MSI's WT72 packs the mighty Quadro M5500 GPU, is VR-Ready, and costs no less than $5,500.

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news - FEBRUARY 4 0

Eurocom announced the new Sky X9W, a workstation variant to its Sky X9 desktop-replacement laptop, featuring an Nvidia Quadro workstation processor.

Tutorial - MARCH 25

Content: Part 1: What parts do I choose? Part 2: Example Computer Builds Part 3: Suggestions & Future...

news - OCTOBER 9 0

MSI revealed two refreshed workstation laptops, upgraded to support the latest generation Intel i7 and Xeon processors. MSI has included updated Nvidia Quadro graphics processors in these mobile workstations to...

news - JANUARY 5 0

Eurocom's 15.6-inch P5 Pro and 17.3-inch P7 Pro offer desktop Intel chips and boast 4K displays.

news - OCTOBER 17 0

And it's shipping today.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 8 0

We compare three generations of Intel's Xeon E5-2690 processors, plus the flagship Xeon E5-2699 v3 to see how Haswell-EP affects the datacenter.

news - AUGUST 18 0

Just before SIGGRAPH, Nvidia gave a set of technology demonstrations to the press showing how GPU processing was being used or could be used across the entertainment industry.

news - AUGUST 14 0

At SIGGRAPH 2014 in Vancouver today, Nvidia unveiled their next generation of Quadro cards.

news - AUGUST 12 1

Today at SIGGRAPH 2014, Lenovo introduces three new ThinkStation P-Series workstations, sporting next-gen Xeon processors and DDR4 memory.

reviews - JULY 30 2

After introducing the flagship FirePro W9100, AMD now has a FirePro W8100 in its portfolio. Somewhat lower specs (like 8 GB of memory, a slower GPU, and fewer shader units) should position it in the workstation...

news - JUNE 26 3

Yep, these systems can be used for emailing. You know, emailing on behalf of give or take a quarter of the globe's population.

reviews - MAY 19 2

AMD's Hawaii GPU makes its appearance in the workstation space as FirePro W9100. Does this £2500 card have what it takes to displace Nvidia's Quadro K6000, or is it a more conservative performer? We throw an...

reviews - MAY 16 0

A while back, HP sent over its first-gen Z1 all-in-one workstation. Although the second-gen version is available with Haswell-based hardware, this model is still for sale thanks to its high-end display. We...

news - MAY 13 1

Lenovo's new ThinkStation P300 ditches the carry handle and is available in two different form factors.

reviews - APRIL 14 0

SPECviewperf 12 sets out to be the standard for evaluating workstation graphics cards by including the latest professional applications, more complex models, and synthetic workloads pulled from important market...

news - MARCH 26 0

AMD has announced its most powerful professional workstation graphics card to date.

news - MARCH 18 0

Autodesk announces its 2015 releases at GDC 2014: Creation Suites 2015 and Maya LT 2015

news - JANUARY 9 0

These two laptops are slated to launch in mid-2014.

reviews - JANUARY 7 3

Intel recently launched its Xeon E5-2600 v2 CPU, based on the Ivy Bridge-EP architecture. We got a couple of workstation-specific -2687W v2 processors with eight cores and 25 MB of L3 cache each, and are...

reviews - DECEMBER 5 2

There's a good chance that Eurocom's Panther 5D notebook is faster than your desktop. The sample we're reviewing sports a six-core Core i7-3970X, two GeForce GTX 680M modules in SLI, 32 GB of DDR3-1600, and...

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