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SPECviewperf 12 sets out to be the standard for evaluating workstation graphics cards by including the latest professional applications, more complex models, and synthetic workloads pulled from important market...


Intel recently launched its Xeon E5-2600 v2 CPU, based on the Ivy Bridge-EP architecture. We got a couple of workstation-specific -2687W v2 processors with eight cores and 25 MB of L3 cache each, and are...

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news - MARCH 26 0

AMD has announced its most powerful professional workstation graphics card to date.

Tutorial - DECEMBER 24

It is a very common question that is asked by many VMware users. Since the VMware Workstation is an industry...

news - MARCH 18 0

Autodesk announces its 2015 releases at GDC 2014: Creation Suites 2015 and Maya LT 2015

news - JANUARY 9 0

These two laptops are slated to launch in mid-2014.

reviews - DECEMBER 5 2

There's a good chance that Eurocom's Panther 5D notebook is faster than your desktop. The sample we're reviewing sports a six-core Core i7-3970X, two GeForce GTX 680M modules in SLI, 32 GB of DDR3-1600, and...

news - OCTOBER 24 1

The 2013 Mac Pro will cost just shy of £2.5K when it launches in the United Kingdom.

news - OCTOBER 22 2

Apple's cylindrical desktop now has a price and a release timeframe.

reviews - OCTOBER 22 0

Intel recently launched its Ivy Bridge-EP-based Xeon E5-2600 v2 CPUs. However, the beefy eight-core Xeon E5-2687Ws still sit atop Dell's workstation hierarchy. We got our hands on the handsome Precision T5600...

picture story - OCTOBER 4 4

After spending some time with Digital Storm's Aventum II at this year's CES, Chris Angelini invited the company to walk us through how it came up with and built the massive machine loaded up with nickel-plated...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 20 1

We got our hands on three generation of Intel's Xeon E3-1275 CPU, spanning Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, and Haswell. How have the company's architectural enhancements affected performance over the years, and is...

news - SEPTEMBER 17 0

As suspected, after the announcement of the subscription plan for Maya LT, Autodesk revealed that its products and suites will become available under a rental license as well as a purchased perpetual license.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 0

Today Dell announced its new desktop and mobile workstation models, the Dell Precision M4800 and 6800 mobile workstations and the T3810, T5610 and T7610 desktop workstations. The release means across-the-board...

news - AUGUST 29 0

Lenovo introduced their new Thinkstation E32 line of workstations. Replacing the E31 line, these systems are entry-level workstations designed to deliver workstation-class performance and reliability on a PC...

news - AUGUST 28 1

Autodesk introduces Maya LT, an affordably priced but powerful 3D animation tool for indie game developers.

picture story - AUGUST 23 2

While many of us construct our own PCs, we still get a kick out of hearing what boutique builders are doing in their own labs. Today, Puget Systems introduces Tom's Hardware to a 16-core Xeon workstation that...

news - JULY 31 1

At SIGGRAPH 2013 Autodesk announced the availability of FBX review, a new application for reviewing 3D assets on most Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices, without having a full-blown installation of a 3D...

news - JULY 30 1

At SIGGRAPH 2013, RTT demonstrated the enhanced performance of DeltaGen on a system equipped with Nvidia's upcoming Quadro K6000 workstation GPU.

news - JULY 30 0

At SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim, Faceware Technologies publicly debuted Faceware Live, their software for markerless real-time facial motion capture.

news - JULY 30 0

At SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim, CA, VFX artist and supervisor Scott Metzger used The Foundry's Mari and Modo to demonstrate a 3D scene reconstruction process using data derived from HDRI source images and LIDAR...

news - JULY 23 0

HP introduced new compact and SFF workstations at SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim today.