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Today’s tablets sport a variety of different hardware architectures and can come equipped with Windows, Android, or iOS. How are you supposed to know which combination is best? We get the latest tablets in our lab and test their speed, battery life, display quality, and usability for you.


Today, we outline the strict testing procedures used to obtain accurate data and discuss each test that we perform on smartphones and tablets.

news - FEBRUARY 4 0

Microsoft has its unified Windows 10 platform and Continuum, but Ubuntu Core and the new BQ Aquaris M10 tablet offer the same -- and arguably more streamlined -- mobile/desktop convergence.

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news - DECEMBER 21 0

Nvidia relaunched its Shield K1 gaming tablet in November and declared that it believed the K1 tablet would be one of the first devices to support Google’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. It appears Nvidia...

Tutorial - JULY 17

How to Use Continuum in Windows 10 New to Windows 10, Continuum is a feature that allows the operating system’s interface to switch to Tablet...

news - NOVEMBER 17 0

Nvidia announced that after considerable consumer demand, it has brought back the popular Shield Tablet K1 just in time for the holidays. The hardware hasn't changed, but the price point has been lowered, and...

news - NOVEMBER 9 0

Apple's latest tablet, the iPad Pro, goes on sale on November 11. Other peripherals, such as the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, are both available for purchase at $99 and $169, respectively.

news - OCTOBER 6 1

Microsoft unveiled a new Surface Pro 4, designed to be lighter and faster than any Surface Pro that has come before.

news - OCTOBER 6 0

Now its own company, Vaio is back, and it's offering a unique tablet PC called the Vaio Z Canvas.

news - SEPTEMBER 29 0

Google unveiled its latest tablet built with the Tegra X1 SoC: the Pixel C. This is also the first tablet completely designed and manufactured exclusively by Google.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 1

Amazon has revealed its upcoming lineup of Fire tablets, which will come pre-loaded with the company's latest operating system, and priced to fit practically any budget.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 0

Lenovo listened to feedback and addressed the issue affecting its previous generation of Yoga tablets.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 1

MJ Technology LLC announced the availability of its anticipated Ubuntu tablet line, revealing the specifications of its products and offering them for preorder on its upcoming website.

news - SEPTEMBER 3 0

Toshiba has revealed that the company will be launching two new convertibles and a 2-in-1 designed to take advantage of some of the technology built into Windows 10.

news - AUGUST 26 0

In July Samsung announced global availability of its latest premium tablets, the 8-inch and 9.7-inch Galaxy Tab S2, and it today released information about U.S. and Canadian availability.

news - AUGUST 24 0

LG unveiled the LG G Pad II 10.1, its highest-end tablet yet, which should come at an affordable price point this fall. The tablet will come in both Wi-Fi only and LTE, and it will be available in North...

news - AUGUST 20 1

Helsinki-based Jolla has opened up pre-orders for its highly anticipated, crowd-funded tablet, with the secure Sailfish 2.0 OS and Intel Baytrail processor.

news - AUGUST 17 0

Asus released its new flagship Zenpad, but with reduced specs from what was previously reported.

news - JULY 31 2

A certain group of batteries in some Nvidia Shield Tablets might make the device overheat, leading to a potential fire hazard.

news - JULY 21 0

AT&T is taking the first leap in the U.S. market by offering the 4G LTE version of Microsoft's Surface 3 tablet.

news - JULY 1 0

Microsoft plans to roll out an 4G LTE variant of the Surface 3 tablet first to business customers in European countries. After that, it will be available for the rest of the public in the U.S., UK, Germany and...

reviews - JULY 1 0

Tom's IT Pro compares Dell's Venue 11 Pro 5130 enterprise tablet against Lenovo’s ThinkPad 10 20C1 and HP’s ElitePad 1000 G2 business-class units.

news - JUNE 3 0

We're done with the first day of Computex and there's already a lot of new products revealed. This is just the beginning.

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