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Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.


The Samsung 950 Pro is available now and it's a hot seller, but the SM951-NVMe still packs a better value for shoppers looking to save. Today, we look at three Samsung PCIe solutions in both single-drive and...


Tom's Hardware gets a rare and in-depth look at how Seagate designs and tests its hard drives. Join us for a tour through the company's Longmont, Colorado R&D center.

Storage on the Community

Storage experts answer your questions

news - FEBRUARY 12 0

Micron unleashes technical details about next generation NAND flash that takes the vertical route to the future.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 25

Table of Contents: I. Things to Consider Before Cloning II. Steps to Clone a Drive III. Available Cloning Software IV. Troubleshooting Disk...

news - FEBRUARY 10 0

NVMe is all the rage, but can the legacy software from the SanDisk ioMemory products compete with the NVMe challengers?

news - FEBRUARY 4 0

On the surface, the OCZ Trion 150 is a revamped Trion 100 with Toshiba 15nm flash. Under the cover, OCZ tweaked the firmware to enable more sequential data transfer performance.

reviews - FEBRUARY 4 1

Mushkin's Reactor SSDs sell for very low prices online, and the 1TB model is one of our top value picks. Is the 256GB model as good of a value? We answer that today.

news - FEBRUARY 2 0

The Hagens Berman law firm has files a class-action lawsuit against Seagate in regard to its 3 TB Barracuda models, and even cited the Backblaze "reliability report" as one of its key pieces of evidence.

reviews - JANUARY 28 0

Armed with Phison's new v.1.6 firmware for the S10 processor and low-cost flash, Zotac takes aim at the mainstream and gamer SSD markets.

reviews - JANUARY 21 0

LaCie started the rugged portable storage genre, and it's now a product category with several makes and models. Does the originator still lead this category or has the competition eclipsed its best efforts?

news - JANUARY 15 0

Intel's Braswell SoC has hit the NAS market like a missile. This low cost processor is powerful and feature-rich. Small, low cost NAS systems are now able to use encryption technology without a heavy penalty...

reviews - JANUARY 14 0

QNAP has two new NAS appliances designed for the SOHO market: the TS-251+ and the TS-451+. The latter is an updated model based loosely on the original TS-451, and we're ready to measure what should be improved...

news - JANUARY 13 0

The Fixstars SSD-1300M reaches 13 TB in a single 2.5-inch form factor. The application-specific SSD is a drop in fit for object storage and digital content streaming.

news - JANUARY 12 0

Mushkin has one of the best selling value SSDs on the market today and looks to expand its product line in early 2016.

news - JANUARY 12 0

Seagate expanded its NAS HDD product line with a new 8 terabyte model today. The new drive is a drop in replacement for existing 3.5 inch products that allow a wide range of systems to store more data in less...

news - JANUARY 12 0

Plextor tapped Marvell's new Eldora NVMe processor for the upcoming M8Pe that scales to 1 TB and looks very sharp.

news - JANUARY 11 0

Marvell released its 88NV1140 SSD controller at CES 2016 in a move that will likely lead to a sweeping change in the way manufacturers design SSDs.

news - JANUARY 11 0

The PS5007-E7 has entered the final phase of performance tuning and will enter qualifications this spring. We should start to see retail products as early as March.

news - JANUARY 11 0

Kingston releases new HyperX products while continuing to expand the premium brand in new directions.

news - JANUARY 11 0

QNAP's TBS-453A converges several devices into one attractive and very useful slim device that can hide or travel just about anywhere.

news - JANUARY 10 0

Patriot's SSD product lineup looks strong going into the new year, with NVMe, TLC and Venom mixed in the DNA.

picture story - JANUARY 8 1

Once again, the Tom's Hardware team was out in force at the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. Here are our top picks for CES 2016.

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