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Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.


Toshiba's OCZ division steals the NVMe spotlight with a very high performance M.2 SSD that aims to take the throne from Intel and Samsung. The new drive is a fire breather when pushed to the limits.


The SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSD is a value-focused external flash-based product for those who need rugged high-speed storage while on the go.

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news - MAY 24 0

Toshiba released its 8 TB X300 Desktop HDD for high-performance gaming and professional use-cases.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 25

Table of Contents: I. Things to Consider Before Cloning II. Steps to Clone a Drive III. Available Cloning Software IV. Troubleshooting Disk...

news - MAY 23 0

Aqua Computer releaseed its new kyroM.2 SSD adapter, which supports either air- or water-cooling for M.2 SSDs.

news - MAY 22 0

We examine the current state of the exploding NAND market, but a NAND shortage is on the horizon.

news - MAY 17 0

IBM unveiled new technology that enables Phase Change Memory (PCM) to store three bits of data per cell, which could provide a density and cost advantage over the rival Intel/Micron 3D XPoint.

news - MAY 17 0

QNAP invited us to the party, and we came away with information on new products, capabilities and insight into a new focus on enterprise features.

news - MAY 16 0

We take a closer look inside IBM's custom FlashSystem 900 all-flash array to examine the advantages of a custom design.

news - MAY 15 0 got a facelift and two new product names emerge as the company transitions deeper into Toshiba. The design changes give us some insight into OCZ future and its exit from the enterprise market.

news - MAY 14 0

Samsung outed the world's most capacious MicroSD card, and Phison is building up a NAND stockpile as it predicts a looming NAND drought.

news - MAY 11 0

Samsung wields its 3D NAND advantage to provide 256 GB in a MicroSD card, which takes the density and performance leadership position.

news - MAY 10 0

WD and SanDisk come crashing together into one mega-storage company with both SSDs and HDDs.

reviews - MAY 5 1

The CS1311 we're testing today employs Toshiba's 15nm TLC NAND for more value-oriented shoppers. PNY's PS3110-S10-powered drive uses Phison's latest firmware with the new direct-to-die sequential write...

reviews - APRIL 29 1

QNAP isn't a stranger to specialty NAS systems, but the new TS-453A introduces an entirely new feature that will have you singing with joy.

news - APRIL 23 1

Some people take a walk everyday. Here at Tom's Hardware we surf every--on the web, that is--and our surfing led us to the upcoming Crucial MX300 listed at Amazon and the first public release of the speeds and...

reviews - APRIL 22 0

Samsung is wasting no time putting its 48-layer V-NAND to use. The company's Portable SSD T3 doubles the capacity of last year's model and gets a needed face-lift.

reviews - APRIL 21 1

Intel released a mid-capacity SSD 750 to fill the gap between its 400GB and 1.2TB models. The new 800GB version is the right size for many enthusiasts, but do its price and performance keep you interested or...

reviews - APRIL 17 1

This month brings a long overdue update to our best SSD list. We say goodbye to older 128GB-class models, and pave the way for new m.2 PCIe SSDs that we start listing next month.

reviews - APRIL 15 0

Asustor's AS6204T sports Intel's Braswell-based Celeron N3150 processor, 4GB of RAM, tons of I/O and a long list of software features. Is the NAS worth its hefty price tag compared to some of the other strong...

news - APRIL 14 1

Optane was on display in China at the Intel Developers Forum. During a keynote, Rob Crooke took to the stage to show the world's most expensive Thunderbolt 3 data backup storage appliance.

reviews - APRIL 13 0

PNY released two new consumer SSDs that employ Phison's S10 controller. Today, we're looking at the CS2211 model, sporting Toshiba MLC flash. This enthusiast-oriented drive was designed for gaming and 4K video.

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