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Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.


Adata's SP550 is the first SSD to hit our lab with Silicon Motion's new SM2256 controller paired with SK Hynix NAND. But does it compete with Samsung's prolific 850 EVO?


Longsys, the largest SSD manufacturer in China, sent over a new client SSD armed with Toshiba's triple-level-cell NAND flash and a controller from Silicon Motion that you'll be seeing a lot of over the next...

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news - NOVEMBER 27 0

High-performance SSDs get new low prices for Black Friday and beyond. This sets the tone for new pricing going forward, but one product stands out from the rest.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 25

Table of Contents: I. Things to Consider Before Cloning II. Steps to Clone a Drive III. Available Cloning Software IV. Troubleshooting Disk...

news - NOVEMBER 16 0

Samsung SSDs move to the 7, 8, 9 Series name scheme like other product lines. The new SSD 750 is an entry level product for the 128 GB and 256 GB capacity markets.

reviews - NOVEMBER 11 14

This month brings a long overdue update to our best SSD list. We say goodbye to older 128GB-class models, and pave the way for new m.2 PCIe SSDs that we start listing next month.

reviews - NOVEMBER 3 1

Micron announced its 16nm TLC flash five months ago, and Crucial's BX200 is the first product to take advantage of the extra bit per cell. Is this late-comer competitive, or is it overwhelmed in a sea of...

news - NOVEMBER 2 0

Phison S10 SSD owners will want to keep an eye on official product firmware update pages over the next two weeks. Your drive is about to get a big performance boost.

news - OCTOBER 26 0

The Avexir S100 SSD, the world's first SSD with LEDs, just took a turn for the weird. The drive is now crowdfunded.

reviews - OCTOBER 26 0

Samsung's SM863 hits the sweet spot of NAND's developmental cycle as cost continues to plummet.

reviews - OCTOBER 26 0

The Asustor AS5108T provides high network traffic performance with existing gigabit networks. This model's four Ethernet ports can aggregate for 10GbE-like transfers.

reviews - OCTOBER 22 0

NVMe in the M.2 form factor is finally a reality for desktop enthusiasts. Retailers begin selling Samsung's 950 Pro today, and we already have three drives in-hand.

news - OCTOBER 22 0

Samsung had its PM1725 on display at Dell World, blasting out over 1 million IOPS and 6.3 GBps.

news - OCTOBER 21 0

Intel's announcement that it is opening its own fab for NAND and 3D XPoint throws the future of the Intel/Micron IMFT powerhouse into doubt.

reviews - OCTOBER 19 0

Exablox's OneBlox 4312 packs the goodness of object storage wrapped in the industry-standard SMB/NFS interface, and at a competitive price point.

reviews - OCTOBER 19 5

The Synology DS415+ takes us back to simpler times when storage products focused on storage and features were designed for business users.

news - OCTOBER 15 0

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced charges against OCZ Technologies' founder and former CEO Ryan Petersen, along with the previous CFO, Arthur Knapp.

news - OCTOBER 15 0

Zotac is one of the companies cashing in with an expanding product portfolio. The company went from selling video cards to offering motherboards, small form factor PCs, external storage enclosures and as of...

reviews - OCTOBER 12 0

Qnap takes a vertical approach to reduce noise, and making for a small office NAS that fits in tighter spaces.

reviews - OCTOBER 8 0

Today we're sorting out what's happened with Intel and Micron's 3D XPoint collaboration since it was announced in late July.

reviews - OCTOBER 5 0

Low-cost Windows Storage Servers (WSS) give small businesses access to enterprise-class features at a desktop price.

news - OCTOBER 2 0

Micron gains NVMe and SATA NAND flash processors with advanced LDPC for TLC with the Tidal System Acquisition.

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