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Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for mission-critical data, or something in between, we can provide you with the information and benchmarks to find a storage solution for your needs.


Today we're sorting out what's happened with Intel and Micron's 3D XPoint collaboration since it was announced in late July.


Low-cost Windows Storage Servers (WSS) give small businesses access to enterprise-class features at a desktop price.

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news - OCTOBER 2 0

Micron gains NVMe and SATA NAND flash processors with advanced LDPC for TLC with the Tidal System Acquisition.

Tutorial - JUNE 17

First start of by downloading CCleaner Atfer running the program you have choices full cleans etc. try...

news - OCTOBER 1 0

We are fresh out of the Micron earnings call and have some flash news to report.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 0

Samsung Electronics held the opening ceremony for its new state-of-the-art $300 million 1.1 million square feet, 10-story building and campus on Thursday in San Jose, California.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 23 1

QNAP taps AMD to start a new product series that balances processor performance with video capabilities. The new collaboration aims to offer an alternative to products dominated by Intel.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 0

QNAP released the TVS-871T with NAS and DAS features that ease the complexity of professional workflow sharing.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 0

The new JMicron-controlled SSD looks just as good as the company's memory products. We suspect the price will be in the same league as well.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 1

Samsung learned quite a bit from enthusiasts with the SM951 and SM951-NVMe PCIe OEM SSDs. That knowledge has gone into making the 950 Pro, the first retail m.2 NVMe SSD to hit the market.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 16 5

The PMC-Sierra Flashtec NVRAM drive offers up to 10M IOPS in Direct Memory Interface (DMI) mode and 1M 4K random IOPS when utilized as a block device with the lightweight NVMe protocol.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 0

E1000 takes shape at VM World delivering 1M IOPS with host power fail protection and a low cost design.

news - SEPTEMBER 3 0

Toshiba has a pair of new client SSDs, the Q300 and Q300 Pro.

news - SEPTEMBER 2 0

The My Book Pro is WD's fastest external storage product to date. This one scales up to 12 TB of capacity, but it doesn't come cheap.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 1

Seagate announced it achieved a new milestone in HDD density that will enable 2 TB mobile HDDs.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 0

Seagate announced four new 8 TB models and prepares for 2020, when user data will exceed new storage capacity.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 0

Western Digital found features from other NAS makers and rolled them into the My Cloud family.

reviews - AUGUST 31 0

The 12GB/s SAS Toshiba PX04 barrels onto the data center scene with PCIe-like speed and the inherent advantages of SAS.

news - AUGUST 24 0

SilverStone Releases an M.2 PCI-E adapter, allowing users to use ultra fast M.2 SSDs on any motherboard.

reviews - AUGUST 24 0

Adata hits back with a new flagship SSD that incorporates high-endurance eMLC flash and a familiar JMicron controller.

news - AUGUST 18 0

A recap of the keynote from IDF 2015: RealSense "Immersion," wearables, the Curie IoT platform — and a terrifying army of robot spiders.

news - AUGUST 18 0

Intel/Micron's revolutionary Xpoint technology gets branding and a release window. Bonus: Onstage benchmarks. But still no word on the tech being used.

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