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What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.


Our Tom's Hardware Italy team recently had the chance to interview representatives from Pandora Machine, an Italian Steam Machine builder that plans to introduce its own take on Valve's platform concept, but...


Two days ago Microsoft unveiled the first draft of the successor to Windows 8, once codenamed "Threshold", now officially dubbed "Windows 10".

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news - DECEMBER 19 0

President Barack Obama talks about the Sony Pictures hack.

Tutorial - NOVEMBER 11

Geo-fencing can restrict data or communication to a certain area. Yik Yak uses this service to restrict communications to certain colleges and...

news - DECEMBER 19 0

Grand Theft Auto V seems to be on track for a January 2015 release.

news - DECEMBER 17 0

Not all areas will be region locked.

news - DECEMBER 16 0

Sony adds the Xperia E3 and Xperia T3 to its list of AOSP supported devices, which means now all of its 2014 Qualcomm-based smartphones are supported in the Android Open Source Project.

news - DECEMBER 15 0

Skype users can now sign up to use the preview version of Skype Translate.

news - DECEMBER 11 0

Microsoft will reveal more about Windows 10 at a special event in January.

news - DECEMBER 10 0

A Patch Tuesday update isn't playing nice with Office on Windows 10.

news - DECEMBER 9 3

Comcast is building a free wireless network by using modems it's leasing to residentials.

news - DECEMBER 9 2

Windows 10 will see the launch of new price models.

news - DECEMBER 8 0

Baer developed the first gaming console.

news - DECEMBER 8 0

Grooveshark is launching Broadcast for iOS and Android in January.

news - DECEMBER 4 0

We checked out a new VoIP service called Wire.

news - DECEMBER 3 1

There's a new Skype competitor in town, and it's called Wire.

news - DECEMBER 3 0

A new version of Epic Games' popular engine is now live.

news - DECEMBER 2 0

Valve is now competing with Twitch with the launch of Steam Broadcasting.

news - NOVEMBER 28 4

Get ready for a consumer preview.

news - NOVEMBER 24 0

This trojan has been around since 2008, maybe earlier.

news - NOVEMBER 21 0

Is Amazon looking to tackle Hulu Plus?

news - NOVEMBER 19 0

Two MMORPGs in a row. Is it just a coincidence?

news - NOVEMBER 17 0

AMD corrects a comment made by its Chief Gaming Scientist.