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The latest Smartphones truly do deliver portable computing in the palm of your hand. With so many options to choose from, let Tom's Hardware help you find the perfect Smartphone and Apps to suit your needs.


Asus’ 5.5-inch smartphone comes with an Intel processor and 4GB of RAM. Will its PC-like approach to creating smartphones leave you in a Zen-like state?


Today, we outline the strict testing procedures used to obtain accurate data and discuss each test that we perform on smartphones and tablets.

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news - AUGUST 31 3

T-Mobile's CEO announced that the company will start punishing those who have used and abused its unlimited data plan.

Tutorial - NOVEMBER 18

Yelp is a mobile app which helps you find nearby businesses in your area with just a tap on your smartphone....

news - AUGUST 28 0

Motorola has finally clarified that the Moto X Play (rumored to be coming to the U.S. as the "Droid Maxx 2") does in fact have phase detect autofocus.

news - AUGUST 27 0

Acer announed the Liquid Jade Z and Liquid Z410, two affordable smartphones with dual-SIM and LTE capabilities, for the U.S. market.

news - AUGUST 26 0

A Federal Court of Appeals in Karlsruhe declared in a permanent ruling that Apple's slide-to-unlock patent is indeed invalid, just as a lower court determined earlier when it found prior art for the invention...

news - AUGUST 25 0

Archos announced a new mid-range Diamond S smartphone with an octa-core CPU and Super AMOLED display, as well as two twin budget smartphones with identical specs that offer a choice between Android 5.1 and...

news - AUGUST 25 1

WileyFox, a new UK company, launched its first two Cyanogen OS-based smartphones for both the low-end and mid-range. The two devices will be available across the EU in the coming weeks.

news - AUGUST 24 0

Next Biometrics Group has revealed a new fingerprint scanning sensor that doesn't require a bezel and is thin enough to be embedded into any device without compromising the sleek designs of modern gadgets.

news - AUGUST 21 0

Over the last couple of days, the Project Ara Twitter feed has suddenly come to life, but the messages are alarming.

news - AUGUST 21 0

Cyanogen OS-powered ZUK Z1 will arrive in mid-October, according to Cyanogen.

news - AUGUST 20 0

The Project Ara team unveiled a few more changes to its modular platform on Twitter, as well as a delayed launch date for 2016.

news - AUGUST 18 1

The Galaxy S6 edge+ is a device that puts us in a funny position. You'd think that considering that it is almost identical to the new Galaxy Note5 (except for its curved display and lack of an S Pen) that we'd...

news - AUGUST 17 0

Silent Circle quietly announced that its Blackphone 2 device will launch in September of this year.

news - AUGUST 17 0

Cricket Wireless launched two new mid-range devices, the LG G Stylo and HTC 626s, both for under $200.

news - AUGUST 14 0

Following the acquisition of DirecTV by AT&T, the carrier is changing its current mobile service to give more data to users of its most popular data plans.

news - AUGUST 14 0

Although we have already had a chance to check out Samsung’s Galaxy Note5 and write a detailed preview about it, we got another opportunity yesterday to play with one at the New York Unpacked event. Here's a...

news - AUGUST 13 0

Samsung announced two large-screened phones today. The Galaxy Note5 gained features and performance, but sheds the microSD slot and replaceable battery. The Galaxy S6 edge+ is a larger version of the popular...

news - AUGUST 10 0

Motorola recently announced two Moto X phones; here are the differences between them.

news - AUGUST 7 0

Verizon announced that starting August 13, there will be no more smartphone contracts that include subsidies.

news - AUGUST 6 0

Motorola was light on software details when it announced the Moto X Style/Pure, Moto X Play and Moto G (2015), but we dig deep for more.

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