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The latest Smartphones truly do deliver portable computing in the palm of your hand. With so many options to choose from, let Tom's Hardware help you find the perfect Smartphone and Apps to suit your needs.


The OnePlus One has an off-contract price starting at only $299, but don’t call this smartphone cheap. Hiding behind the OnePlus One’s 5.5-inch HD screen is some high-end hardware.


The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are bigger and better than ever, but are they a worthy upgrade for existing iPhone users? What if you previously passed over the iPhone because of its small screen, does it now merit a...

Smartphones on the Community

Smartphones experts answer your questions

news - DECEMBER 17 0

BlackBerry looks into the company's past to win customers in the present.

Tutorial - NOVEMBER 18

Yelp is a mobile app which helps you find nearby businesses in your area with just a tap on your smartphone....

news - DECEMBER 17 0

Been looking for a power bank for your OnePlus One phone? Well, here you have it. Quite cheap, too!

news - DECEMBER 12 0

The company will show off these intriguing gaming devices at CES in January.

news - DECEMBER 10 0

Motorola's Hint is arriving just in time for the holiday shopping season.

news - DECEMBER 10 1

Globant will build the back-end e-commerce architecture for Google's marketplace for Project Ara.

news - DECEMBER 4 0

Upleaks came out with some likely specs for the HTC M8 successor, the HTC "Hima" (not M9). Here's what to expect.

news - DECEMBER 3 0

YotaPhone, the dual-screen phone from Russia, launches today for $620 in Europe and Russia.

news - DECEMBER 3 1

Roll out will start next year.

news - DECEMBER 1 1

Puzzlephone is a new modular phone platform being built in Espoo, Nokia's home town, that will focus on taking a more simplistic approach to modular phones. Each phone will only have three modules: the Spine,...

news - DECEMBER 1 0

While BT seeks a mobile unit, it looks like 3UK's owner might want to expand.

news - DECEMBER 1 0

Android One was announced at Google I/O and billed as an Android line for the developing world. The goal was to create affordable phones with regular updates and priced for emerging markets.The first Android...

news - NOVEMBER 26 2

A new German company called Linshof announced the i8 smartphone, which comes with an octa-core processor, 3 GB of RAM, LTE and 80 GB of storage. It will cost only $380.

news - NOVEMBER 26 0

The Amazon Fire Phone is selling unlocked, and for cheap.

news - NOVEMBER 26 0

Sony has seen losses in the smartphone business in the last period, so the new mobile chief plans to cut the number of models and try to bring the division back to profitability in 2015.

news - NOVEMBER 25 0

Panasonic will start selling its 1" sensor Lumix CM1 "smart camera" beginning on December 1.

news - NOVEMBER 25 1

Some speed tests don't show T-Mobile customers' real speed.

news - NOVEMBER 25 0

BlackBerry has two promotions designed to get your business.

news - NOVEMBER 25 0

Change is afoot at O2.

news - NOVEMBER 24 0

Xiaomi announces the launch of the low-cost Redmi Note and Redmi Note 4G phablets in India.

news - NOVEMBER 19 0

Meizu announces the Meizu MX4 Pro smartphone with a 5.5" screen, Exynos 5430 processor and secure fingerprint scanning technology built in-house.

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