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The latest Smartphones truly do deliver portable computing in the palm of your hand. With so many options to choose from, let Tom's Hardware help you find the perfect Smartphone and Apps to suit your needs.


The Moto X Pure Edition’s software is purely Android, its attractive styling is purely Motorola, and its customization options make it purely yours.


Mobile mania has now died down, at least for the moment. More than 90,000 people stormed Barcelona for this year's show, and sometimes—due to the annual metro workers strike that takes place conveniently...

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news - MAY 20 0

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Project Ara, the Google ATAP modular smartphone project, is nigh. At Google I/O, the ATAP group announced (again) that the phone is finally coming, and the team had a...

Tutorial - MAY 15

As Virtual Reality technology becomes more popular, we can see more and more cool applications and websites...

news - APRIL 21 0

We’re seeing the beginning of a trend towards “dumb” clamshell laptops that offer monitor, keyboard and mouse/trackpad support for a connected Windows 10 smartphone, but Acer has a unique spin on the...

news - APRIL 12 0

A New York City bill would allow the police to scan smartphones for activity when their owner is involved in a car accident. The bill implies automatic consent from the driver and refusing the scanning would...

news - APRIL 12 0

LG pushes hard into modular smartphone market by opening up G5 module development and hosting a mini dev conference.

news - MARCH 31 0

As part of Nintendo's strategy to expand into the smartphone market, the company just released its first piece of smartphone software: Miitomo.

news - MARCH 28 0

Smartphone sameness has been a problem for flagships, and it's an epidemic in the midrange and lower. What can smartphone makers do to stand out from the crowd?

news - MARCH 21 1

Apple announced the availability of two new devices; the iPhone SE and a 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

news - MARCH 18 0

After hoping to roll out a CDMA version of its Robin smartphone, Nextbit threw in the towel: No Robin on Sprint or Verizon.

news - MARCH 10 0

The flagship LG G5 smartphone and its many oddball "Friends" accessories and peripherals are coming next month.

news - MARCH 9 0

Samsung unveiled the new image sensor found in the Galaxy S7 that comes with Dual Pixel technology for significantly faster autofocus, 1.4μm pixels, and ISOCELL pixel isolation to avoid color cross-talk.

news - MARCH 9 1

We were skeptical going into Canonical's booth at Mobile World Congress, but the company's Ubuntu Core "convergence" experience running on middling mobile hardware was impressive.

news - MARCH 7 0

OnePlus announced that U.S. customers can now pay for their OnePlus phones with a new installment program.

news - MARCH 7 0

LeEco is one of China's fastest-growing smartphone makers, and it's looking to expand internationally with an ecosystem-centric strategy, and high-value smartphone offers as an entry point into that ecosystem.

news - FEBRUARY 25 0

Xiaomi's new Mi 5 flagship is sleek, slim, and curvy. It's packed with high­ performing parts too, including Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 820 SoC, up to 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and up to 128GB of UFS 2.0 storage.

news - FEBRUARY 25 0

Gesture control, eye tracking and similar technology developments were on full display (so to speak) at Mobile World Congress. Elliptic Labs is shipping its ultrasonic tech, and it might surprise you whose...

news - FEBRUARY 25 0

The long-awaited Saygus V-Squared "superphone" is coming to market finally, but the specs that last year were extraordinary are now...not quite. But it's still a promising handset.

news - FEBRUARY 23 0

Intel's Project Tango phone now offers hand- and object-tracking -- without the use of any peripherals -- as well as improved demos.

news - FEBRUARY 23 0

The dual-screen Siam 7x smartphone was a longshot to ever reach the market, but it beat the odds and went on sale today.

news - FEBRUARY 23 0

Imagination Technology announced the PowerVR Series8XE at MWC 2016, a low-power GPU targeting low-cost smartphones, wearables, televisions, IoT devices, and other embedded applications.

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