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Servers provide the reliability and power necessary to handle many users at once. Tom’s Hardware can help you find the server technology to fit your needs, from modest SOHO servers to “big iron.”


We compare three generations of Intel's Xeon E5-2690 processors, plus the flagship Xeon E5-2699 v3 to see how Haswell-EP affects the datacenter.


Tom's Hardware recently visited AMD's new datacenter in Suwanee, Georgia, where the company is working to consolidate IT resources. Already, the project is saving millions and allowing AMD to operate more...

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news - SEPTEMBER 29 0

ARM-based chips should finally be ready for primetime when it comes to the server market, and HP is betting strongly on them with the announcement of the Proliant m400 and m800 ARM-based servers.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 13

Once you’re done using them, old laptops can end up just sitting in a closet or down in your basement, collecting dust. With this method,...

news - APRIL 4 0

We take a stroll through AMD's new datacenter located in Suwanee, Georgia.

news - MARCH 12 3

Titanfall has finally landed, and eats up around 48 GB of HDD space.

news - JANUARY 22 2

AMD brings out new server-grade chips with up to 16 cores.

news - DECEMBER 21 0

Asetek Wins 2013 Data Center Dynamics EMEA Award for Innovative Liquid Cooling.

news - NOVEMBER 15 3

AMD is sprucing up its FirePro line with the addition of a new S10000 model.

news - NOVEMBER 11 0

Nvidia's GRID technology is enabling high-performance graphics in Amazon's cloud.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 20 1

We got our hands on three generation of Intel's Xeon E3-1275 CPU, spanning Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, and Haswell. How have the company's architectural enhancements affected performance over the years, and is...

news - JULY 26 0

Cooling module manufacturers are seeing an increase in demand from the server industry due to an increase in use of cloud computing and online services.

news - JULY 7 0

Respawn and Microsoft will harness the power of Windows Azure.

news - MAY 23 0

Samsung has started the production of a high-performance SSD for servers and data centers.

news - APRIL 11 2

More information has come to light about Intel's upcoming Xeon E5 and E7 series processors, among which are a number of specifications and a release timeframe.

news - APRIL 10 0

The first two generations of HP’s new “ultra energy-efficient” server architectures will be powered by Intel Atom processors.

news - APRIL 10 0

Intel's Media SDK 2013 finally offers support for Linux on systems running 3rd generation Core Processors and the Intel Xeon E3-1285 Lv 2.

news - APRIL 9 1

HighPoint released the Rocket 750, a 40-port SATA3 controller.

news - APRIL 9 0

Viking is also working on an NVDIMM technology.

news - APRIL 4 0

Adata has announced two server grade SSDs.

news - MARCH 27 0

More information regarding Intel's server Haswell CPUs has leaked out.

news - MARCH 25 0

The company's Sea Micro SM15000 severs are the first fabric-based computing servers to receive the certification from Cloudera.

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