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Sapphire provides a compact ITX graphics card for gamers who value small and portable gaming rigs. We put this little graphics card to the test and see if it can stand toe-to-toe with its full-sized...

news - OCTOBER 30 2

It looks like we will be getting 8 GB variants of the R9 290X after all.

Sapphire on the Community

Sapphire experts answer your questions

Tutorial - MARCH 17

I've seen a lack of tutorials on the matter and have decided to write my own tutorial detailing my own...

news - AUGUST 25 0

Sapphire's R9 285 ITX Compact Edition card is tiny.

news - JUNE 17 27

We're giving away a graphics card from AMD and entering couldn't be easier!

news - MAY 12 0

Sapphire's 8 GB variant of an R9 290X graphics card has finally surfaced.

news - APRIL 29 0

Sapphire's R9 290X Vapor-X OC arrives!

news - APRIL 10 0

Sapphire is taking packaging to the next level for AMD's dual Hawaii card.

reviews - MARCH 31 3

We're not particularly fond of AMD's reference Radeon R9 270-series cooling solution. Fortunately, most of the company's board partners have their own heat sinks and fans. We take 10 cards and measure their...

reviews - JANUARY 27 14

AMD's partners started shipping their own takes on Radeon R9 290 and 290X last month. We have one 290, three 290Xes, the reference card with our Arctic Accelero Extreme III modification, and another home-grown...

reviews - JANUARY 9 12

We're in the process of testing Radeon R9 290X cards from AMD's board partners, and were curious how they all fare in a closed chassis. Corsair's deluxe Obsidian 900D offers lots of airflow, so we dusted off a...

reviews - NOVEMBER 4 11

Perhaps fortunately, AMD's reference Radeon R9 280X is a bit of a phantom outside our own labs. If you're shopping for one of these Tahiti-based boards, you're looking at third-party solutions. We round up...

reviews - AUGUST 5 2

We got our hands on two Radeon HD 7730 cards from Sapphire: one with 2 GB of DDR3 and the other sporting 1 GB of GDDR5. How do they compare to AMD's Radeon HD 6670s, and what might we glean from these boards...

news - JULY 17 1

Photographs of the upcoming Sapphire Radeon 7990 Atomic’s PCB and cooler have surfaced on

news - JULY 12 0

Sapphire has introduced two new Radeon HD 7730 cards: a 1 GB model with GDDR5 memory and a 2 GB model with GDDR3 memory.

news - DECEMBER 3 0

Sapphire has begun offering its first cooler for CPUs.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 4 2

Sapphire gives its new flagship graphics card 6 GB of very fast memory, compared to the mere 3 GB on AMD's reference card. Does this give Sapphire's Toxic HD 7970 GHz Edition a real-world speed boost? We...

reviews - JUNE 18 4

With Nvidia's GeForce GTX 670 readily available for £320, AMD's Radeon HD 7950 shifts to the upper middle class of graphics card performance. We test six third-party interpretations in anticipation of pricing...

reviews - JULY 4 2

AMD’s Brazos platform, driven by the Zacate APU, offers a lot of performance per watt. It comes up short on features, though. Eight manufacturers try to change that perception by adding slots, controllers,...

news - JUNE 28 8

ATI's Eyefinity technology has opened up a whole new world of multi-monitor gaming and now that the gaming industry is moving tentatively toward 3D technology, it makes sense to put the two together and see...