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Solid State drives have become core building blocks for servers and data centers: excellent performance speaks for itself, extended endurance is there and latest product generations have brought prices down to...

news - DECEMBER 8 0

Samsung's new 850 EVO SSD uses 3-bit 3D V-NAND flash for better data density.

news - OCTOBER 15 4

Samsung released a patch to fix the performance your 840 EVO SSD might lose over time.

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news - SEPTEMBER 9 1

Samsung appears to be working on a new mainstream SSD.

news - AUGUST 7 0

Samsung is mass producing a new SAS SSD based on 10nm-class NAND.

news - AUGUST 7 0

Samsung is mass producing a new SAS SSD based on 10nm-class NAND.

news - JULY 2 0

It's the world's first SSD with 3D V-NAND technology.

news - DECEMBER 9 2

Samsung's newest line of EVO drives includes a 1 TB offering.

news - JULY 29 1

Ask Samsung anything you've ever wondered about its storage and memory products.

reviews - JULY 25 4

Last week, Samsung unveiled a successor to its wildly popular 840 at the company's Global SSD Summit in Seoul, South Korea. Stacked with a series of new features and 19 nm, three-bit-per-cell NAND, we benchmark...

news - JUNE 18 0

Samsung has started mass producing its XP941 SSDs, the industry's first PCIe based SSDs for Ultrabooks.

news - JUNE 11 0

It seems HTC and Samsung's UK branches are forgetting their manners.

news - NOVEMBER 20 0

During Black Friday weekend, Samsung is reducing the price of its 250GB 840 Series SSD and throwing in a free copy of Far Cry 3 too.

reviews - JULY 1 0

When it comes time to hunt down the ultimate in storage performance, you simply cannot settle for standard SSDs. Instead, look to PCI Express-based drives that circumvent the limitations of SATA. We have...

reviews - JUNE 9 7

With the market for solid-state drives continually expanding, we wanted to explore some of the most popular tweaks enthusiasts use to purportedly improve performance and free up capacity. We break out the...

reviews - MAY 10 5

Intel plans to offering its SSD caching functionality on the upcoming Z68 platform, and only that platform. HighPoint’s RocketHybrid solution claims to achieve the same functionality, and it’s available as...

reviews - APRIL 22 3

We repeat our extreme SSD RAID project for the third time and arrange 16 Samsung 470-series SSDs based on MLC NAND in a RAID 0 array to reach new levels of performance. We weren't as fortunate this time, but...

reviews - MARCH 26 1

RAID arrays with dozens of hard drives are not uncommon for reaching certain performance levels. We demonstrate how beautifully SSD RAID arrays can scale. There may come a time when a few flash-based drives...

reviews - FEBRUARY 8 4

The third generation of USB is faster than ever before, but how noticeable is the difference in practice?

reviews - DECEMBER 24 0

Solid state drives can deliver exceptional performance, but they're not necessarily fire-and-forget upgrades. You'll only really get the best possible experience from them if you pay attention to details like...

reviews - NOVEMBER 16 6

It only takes one or two modern SSDs to outperform business-class RAID arrays with four or eight hard drives. We're running a full comparison and looking at the implications for high-performance systems when...