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Notebooks remain essential to gamers and professionals on the go. Although they’ve been around forever, the technology you find inside changes on an almost daily basis. Learn about the latest in mobile computing from a trusted source.


Combining the power of two GeForce GTX 970M GPU in a compact chassis, Aorus enables the mobile market with incredible graphics potential. Can its X7 Pro really live up to the firm’s claims of desktop-class...

news - DECEMBER 10 0

These power cords can be a fire hazard.

Notebooks on the Community

Notebooks experts answer your questions

news - DECEMBER 2 0

The traditional clamshell laptop may not have touch in 2015.

Tutorial - DECEMBER 1

Evernote acts as a one-for-all productivity app which allows you to create and share documents and other media types on your computer or mobile...

news - NOVEMBER 11 0

Eurocom has a new laptop powered by Intel and Nvidia chips.

news - NOVEMBER 4 0

Hewlett Packard is jumping back into the gaming laptop business.

news - NOVEMBER 4 0

Acer announces the successor to its Acer Aspire Switch 10, the Acer Aspire Switch 12, which comes with a new Broadwell-Y processor, a larger 12.5" screen with 1080p resolution, more storage and potentially a...

news - OCTOBER 30 0

It's the world's first gaming laptop with a mechanical keyboard.

news - OCTOBER 28 0

You can add a desktop-class graphics card to your Alienware 13 gaming notebook.

news - OCTOBER 24 0

Cyberpower has a new gaming notebook packed with Intel and Nvidia inside.

news - OCTOBER 21 1

This laptop has four modes thanks to a flippable hinge.

news - OCTOBER 7 0

Asus is shipping a gaming notebook and a 2-in-1 hybrid notebook.

news - OCTOBER 7 0

Here is a list of device makers that now support Nvidia's new GTX 900M series.

news - OCTOBER 7 0

Nvidia introduces its second-gen Maxwell architecture to mobile, where the efficient GM204 graphics processor has a chance to show its core advantages.

news - SEPTEMBER 30 0

Here are three performance notebooks from Acer.

news - SEPTEMBER 30 0

This holiday season, HP plans to launch two colorful "Stream" notebooks and two tablets.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 0

Here are two new gaming laptops from Asus.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 2

XOTIC PC has a new gaming laptop with a great low price.

news - SEPTEMBER 8 2

So much for paying $199.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 1

MSI is launching a new super-thin gaming laptop and a GameDock for adding discrete graphics.

news - AUGUST 22 0

A surge in Chromebooks sales has caught LCD manufacturers off guard, which led to them increasing the prices of current panels until supply catches up to the market demand.

news - AUGUST 22 0

CyberPower has a new gaming laptop called the Raven X6.