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Notebooks remain essential to gamers and professionals on the go. Although they’ve been around forever, the technology you find inside changes on an almost daily basis. Learn about the latest in mobile computing from a trusted source.


MSI's new GT60 2PC Dominator outperforms the company's previous-gen GT60 2OC thanks to a new CPU, new GPU, and triple-monitor Surround technology. We compare both configurations, add up the differences, and...


Nvidia is in the process of rolling out its GeForce GTX 800M-series graphics modules. Despite the new name, we're still looking at GK104-based GPUs. One thing is for sure, though: the processor is running...

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news - AUGUST 14 2

These two laptops have a golden chassis.

Tutorial - JULY 14

With the hundreds of options when looking for a gaming laptop, it's hard to find the one that fully suites your needs. I hope this guide will...

news - AUGUST 8 2

Alienware has introduced its lightest gaming notebook to date.

news - AUGUST 8 0

There's a new Windows 8.1 3-in-1 hybrid coming to town.

news - AUGUST 5 0

Gigabyte introduces an affordable laptop with Microsoft's Windows 8.1 with Bing.

news - AUGUST 4 0

Here's an Android notebook for $430.

news - JULY 30 0

Apple has updated six MacBook Pro laptops.

news - JULY 25 2

Here comes the wave of value-priced Windows 8.1 laptops.

news - JULY 24 0

This portable gaming rig has a Core i7-4710HQ processor and Nvidia's GeForce GTX 870M GPU.

news - JULY 18 0

Here's a new gaming laptop from MSI.

news - JULY 16 0

CyberPower Pc reveals its thinnest and lightest gaming laptop yet.

news - JULY 16 0

Why build your own when Origin PC can do it for you.

news - JULY 15 0

Windows tablets under 9 inches will be cheap in price later this year.

news - JULY 14 0

Here's Lenovo's very first laptop with a 4K resolution.

news - JULY 11 0

Two models will be made available sometime this month.

news - JULY 2 0

These laptops can be a fire hazard.

news - JULY 1 2

Can HP compete against Alienware?

news - JUNE 16 0

SteamBoy Machine is working on a portable PC gaming "console."

news - JUNE 3 0

ASUS Republic of Gamers intros a gaming PC, a console gaming PC, and a gaming laptop.

news - MAY 31 0

MSI showing a barebones PC and a number of laptops.

news - MAY 30 0

Gigabyte introduces a new 3-in-1 laptop with a unique docking station.