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Memory is the high-speed storage between your CPU and hard drive. Naturally, you want it to be both fast and plentiful. Our editorial team can help walk you through picking the right RAM kit for your motherboard, optimizing its performance, and keeping it running stably.


Skylake's advanced memory controller makes overclocking easier, but are memory modules keeping up? We put G.Skill's DDR4-4000 through its paces.


Following last year's price drops, is DDR4-3200 finally a good value? Corsair's Vengeance LPX helps us figure that out.

Memory on the Community

Memory experts answer your questions

news - JANUARY 29 0

It seems that G.Skill won't stop making faster memory kits, even if it already holds the world record.

Tutorial - JULY 21

My Definition of Bottlenecking: It is when one(usually) or more components are dragging other components performance wise, thus resulting in the...

news - JANUARY 19 0

Corsair's new memory kit has many GBs, many MHz, costs many dollars, and gives you many bragging rights. It's not the fastest out there, though.

news - JANUARY 11 0

G.Skill has taken the lid off of its latest high capacity memory kit. The new 3000 MHz 128 GB kit is designed for professionals that demand the highest memory capacities and speeds possible.

news - DECEMBER 18 0

G.Skill announced that it will be releasing faster 3200 MHz DDR4 kits. The new kits will have capacities ranging from 16 GB to 64 GB, with latency as low as CL14-14-14-34.

news - NOVEMBER 18 0

Patriot announced the availability of its Viper Elite DDR4 memory kits, which are intended for use on the latest Intel 100 Series platforms.

news - NOVEMBER 10 0

HyperX unveiled larger-capacity high-performance memory kits in both the HyperX Savage and HyperX Predator DDR4 lineups. Memory kits with as much as 128 GB of RAM are now available.

reviews - NOVEMBER 5 6

Here are the best performing RAM kits we’ve tested: computer memory that’s ideal for gaming, video editing and graphics-heavy applications.

news - NOVEMBER 4 0

PNY is making a move into the performance memory market with its new line of Anarchy and Anarchy X DDR3 and DDR4 modules, targeted at gamers.

news - OCTOBER 30 0

G.Skill announced that new extreme performance SO-DIMM kits would be joining its Ripjaws series of memory.

reviews - OCTOBER 8 0

Today we're sorting out what's happened with Intel and Micron's 3D XPoint collaboration since it was announced in late July.

news - OCTOBER 5 0

Patriot announced another extension of the Viper 4 series of DDR4 RAM, and at 3600 MHz, this dual-channel kit is the fastest DDR4 memory that the company has released yet.

news - SEPTEMBER 30 0

ADATA released several new SO-DIMM memory kits based on the DDR4 memory standard and new memory modules.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 0

After talking to Intel, we finally know the truth about what RAM Intel's integrated memory controller (IMC) can support.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 0

EK Water Blocks has announced updated versions of its popular EK-RAM water blocks. The company has introduced four new models, renamed some old ones, and discontinued a few as well.

news - SEPTEMBER 14 0

HyperX Savage DDR4 kits are designed to be paired with Intel Z170 and X99 enthusiast platforms, with capacities as high as 128 GB and speeds ranging from 2133 MHz to 3000 MHz.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 0

Samsung pushes DDR4 a little further with 12 Gb LPDDR4 modules.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 0

Kingston unveiled its new DDR4 SODIMM memory for laptops and small form factor devices, as well as some new low-voltage DDR3L memory.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 0

Patriot decided that it's about time to expand its options to include kits with just two modules, rather than sticking to kits with four or eight modules. It also upped it highest frequency to 3400 MHz, up from...

news - SEPTEMBER 1 1

Micron announced the availability of 8 Gb GDDR5 modules, which can either have double frame buffers on graphics cards, or allow for fewer modules to achieve the same volume of memory. The company has also...

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