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One of the most overlooked peripheral on the computer, your keyboard can have a strong impact on your user experience. Whether you're looking to get an edge in your gaming, or to find a reliable keyboard with the perfect tactile feedback for typing, Tom's Hardware has the reviews you need.


Zalman's top of the line ZM-K700M mechanical keyboard heavily targets gamers, but the keyboard still has a reserved-enough look that it wouldn't look entirely out of place in a professional setting.


The iBuyPower MEK is actually a rebranded Gamdias Hermes Lite. It comes with TTC Red switches, and the price is right, but this keyboard has some issues.

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news - MAY 27 0

Tesoro continues to remake itself with the announcement of infrared key switches, coming to a keyboard soon.

Tutorial - MAY 14

- If your computer's keyboard and mouse stop working, it's most likely due to a driver issue. This...

news - MAY 26 0

Zalman added an RGB keyboard, the ZM-K900M, to its gaming peripherals lineup.

news - MAY 25 0

Corsair has tried--and mostly succeeded--to bring high-end peripherals into the living room to give us the lean-back PC gaming experience we've been pining for.

news - MAY 24 0

Thermaltake outed a new gaming keyboard, the Challenger Edge. It has many of the bells and whistles you want from a gaming keyboard, but no mechanical switches.

news - MAY 3 0

The Wooting One offers gradations of pressure on each key, as well as Flaretech optical switches.

news - APRIL 27 0

Nixeus, maker of mostly austere, simple mechanical keyboards, is back with a third offering: the white-keyed, aluminum Moda Pro.

reviews - APRIL 23 2

In some ways, for those looking for a fully-featured and fun--but not too fun--mechanical keyboard, the Impact 700 may be the sweet spot.

news - APRIL 21 0

Some new folks at Tesoro have taken the PR reigns and made it official: The Tesoro Gram Spectrum keyboard is coming in June, and it has low-profile “Agile” switches.

news - APRIL 21 0

Cherry has a new switch, the MX Speed (Silver), and it made its debut in both standard and RGB form on new Corsair K70 RGB, K70 and K65 RGB Rapidfire keyboards.

news - APRIL 21 0

There's yet another mechanical keyboard switch type on the block now that the Cherry MX Speed switches are out and on a trio of new Corsair keyboards.

news - APRIL 11 0

SteelSeries billed its new Apex M500 keyboard as the successor to its 6Gv2.

reviews - APRIL 9 1

It's not an insult to say that there's nothing extraordinary about Turtle Beach's Impact 500 keyboard. In fact, it's almost as if it was designed that way. (Also, yes, Turtle Beach makes keyboards.)

news - MARCH 24 0

The highest-end model in Razer's new X series of keyboards in the BlackWidows X Chroma. We spent a bit of time typing on, poking and prodding the thing.

news - MARCH 24 0

Razer's new, slightly less expensive "X" lineup of keyboards significantly expands the company's available lineup. It's also bringing back Cherry MX Blue switch options for a a few of them.

news - MARCH 17 0

Logitech has been packing its homegrown Romer-G switches onto its keyboards lately, but its new G610 Orion keyboards offer Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Brown switches, instead. They also have single-color LED...

reviews - MARCH 14 0

We review the full-featured Razer BlackWidow Chroma (Origin PC Edition) and the slightly less full-featured Razer BlackWidow Ultimate.

news - MARCH 8 0

There is much consternation surrounding which switches to choose when buying a mechanical gaming keyboard (Reds? Blues? Browns?), but Epic Gear has developed a keyboard with modular switches that, at least...

reviews - FEBRUARY 19 0

With the Moda v2, Nixeus took its relatively simple tenkeyless Moda (v1) design and refined it into something that looks significantly cleaner and more elegant. It's also rather inexpensive.

reviews - FEBRUARY 5 0

We review the Das Keyboard 4C Professional, a straightforward tenkeyless keyboard with Greetech Brown switches.

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