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One of the most overlooked peripheral on the computer, your keyboard can have a strong impact on your user experience. Whether you're looking to get an edge in your gaming, or to find a reliable keyboard with the perfect tactile feedback for typing, Tom's Hardware has the reviews you need.


We review the Das Keyboard 4C Professional, a straightforward tenkeyless keyboard with Greetech Brown switches.


We test mechanical switch keyboards using a combination of objective tests and subjective observations to help illustrate the pros and cons of each keyboard we review. Here's an overview of our methodology and...

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news - FEBRUARY 4 0

With its latest mechanical keyboard, Logitech G proves it has style and taste to accompany its thorough development of the underlying tech.

Tutorial - MAY 14

- If your computer's keyboard and mouse stop working, it's most likely due to a driver issue. This...

news - FEBRUARY 2 0

Roccat's latest keyboard is the first mechanical keyboard in its lineup to include RGB lighting for each key. It will cost $169.99.

news - JANUARY 26 0

Das Keyboard is known for quality keyboards with chilled-out, simple designs, but the company is going in a completely different direction with new “Division Zero” gaming series. The lineup includes the X40...

news - JANUARY 22 0

We were impressed with Asus' Claymore mechanical keyboard when we saw it at Computex last summer, but the company has added more to it in the form of a detachable numpad and tight integration with its ROG...

news - DECEMBER 9 0

Cougar's latest keyboard will be the third in its lineup to feature Cherry MX switches. Customer can pick from Red, Brown, Blue and even Black switches for the Attack X3 keyboard.

news - OCTOBER 30 0

iBuypower is selling a keyboard with TTC mechanical switches. If you haven't heard of TTC before, you're not alone.

news - OCTOBER 28 0

Another mechanical keyboard enters the market, this time from Swedish company Penclic. The tenkeyless MK1 keyboard uses Kailh Brown switches and works with PC, Mac, and Linux.

news - OCTOBER 27 0

Corsair's latest keyboard, the STRAFE RGB Silent, is finally on sale. Not only does it offer Cherry MX Silent switches, but it also offers the Cherry MX Blue option.

news - SEPTEMBER 29 0

Logitech's G series has a new gaming mechanical keyboard. The G410 Atlas Spectrum is a tenkeyless keyboard with RGB lighting and Romer-G switches.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 0

G.Skill announced that its Ripjaws series of mechanical keyboards will be coming to market soon -- namely, the KM780 RGB and KM780 MX devices.

news - SEPTEMBER 8 0

Cooler Master’s Quick Fire XTi keyboard features Cherry MX keys with multi-color backlighting, customizable macros that can be configured without the use of software, and a simple minimalistic design.

news - AUGUST 26 0

We first saw Microsoft’s Universal Foldable Keyboard back at Mobile World Congress this year, and now we've had a chance to test one out for ourselves.

news - JULY 14 1

Microsoft released its ultra portable foldable keyboard. The keyboard's long battery life and convenient size are designed to make it easier to take the thing with you anywhere you need to go.

news - JULY 2 0

Mechanical keyboards are a big thing now, but nobody seems to make a good and easy-to-use ergonomic version. Keyboardio is here to change that, bringing more to the table than a quick ‘n easy attempt. ...

news - JUNE 10 1

This new living room-oriented keyboard has a built-in touchpad.

news - JUNE 1 0

Corsair's new keyboard packs a complete feature set with red LED backlighting.

news - MAY 14 1

Microsoft doesn't want you to deal with more wires for your desktop, so it created the Designer Bluetooth Desktop keyboard and mouse to work with Windows RT/8/8.1 devices, Android 4.4, and Mac OS 10.10.

news - MAY 13 0

Tesoro is adding new mice, PC cases, headgear and accessories to its portfolio next month.

news - MAY 12 0

Want a lighting configuration dancing across your Corsair RGB keyboard? Here's how to get the profile.

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